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Release 16.2 - Key Features

Event Crests

If you edit an event, you can now upload an image/photo of the event crest.

Once you do so, the image will be displayed when viewing the event, and more importantly, it'll automatically create an earnable badge for the event, which you can find under “Home” | “Other” | “Event Crests”. The new earnable event crest will have a single requirement that will be automatically satisfied depending on whether the youth was marked as having attended that event. So all you have to do is record who attended your event, and you can then go to “Reports” | “Ready to award”, and your event crests will be ready to hand out to those participants, along with any other completed badges. An inventory item is automatically created for the new crest, that you can initialize, and which will then be automatically decremented as you award the crest to participants.

Feel free to hand out crests to Scouters, too, but ScoutsTracker only tracks earned badges for youth members. I.e., there won't be an entry in the “Ready to Award” report for Scouters, and you'll have to manually update the inventory as you hand them out to Scouters.

Sort by Signup Order

In the signup sheet, there's now a new grouping option called “By Signup Order” that is a first step / aid in managing limited-capacity events. When this option is selected, the youth on the signup page are lumped into one of two groups: those that signed up YES, and those that did/have not signed up YES. The former are sorted by signup date, so you can clearly see which youth are first in line.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-2616: “Two-deep” communication option is now enabled for Commissioners edition
  • Enhanced performance by eliminating duplicate fetch of Youth/Logins info
  • QUADRANT: Enhanced performance by skipping EMAIL_META update

Bug Fixes

  • SS-2615: “Help” link wasn't working
  • SS-2614: Having an unnamed Home Patrol and an unnamed Adventure Team was causing problems
  • SS-2613: Couldn't add new Scouters
  • Risk Category 1 MAAF's were saying that they didn't need GC approval
  • SS-2627: COMMISSIONERS: Section email lists only included Scouter emails
  • SS-2598: Editing patrol members was causing any pending patrol name changes to be ignored
  • Fixed an issue where updating a youth was causing the “Update multiple Scouts” list to be missing the Unassigned patrol

Patch (2020-09-15)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • SS-2645: Event name is added to the event sorting resolution
  • SS-2639: Pre-screen rejected emails from “Add recipients”
  • SS-2643: Cryptic “This login does not access any Scouts” message is now more helpful
  • Added printer hints so the browser's “print background images/colors' will be enabled by default
  • AAF: Remove unneeded padding after consent link when form is printed
  • AAF: Inserted a space between attachment names to prevent printing margin inflation
  • COVID-19: Added an Attendance Log report
  • Provide subtext explaining what the common reports do

Bug Fixes

  • SS-2649: “Always use this login” login was inverted
  • SS-2659: Fixed some event signup/attendance bugs when printing
  • SS-2662: Searching for text could break the “unblock” functionality
  • SS-2653: Doing a “Quick Pick” of receipients on the Bcc line was sorting the addresses by users' preferences, as opposed to putting them all in the Bcc line

Patch (2020-09-16)

Bug Fixes

  • SS-2656: Changing filter when editing an custom email list was reseting any changes
  • SS-2667: Re-exposed inappropriately hidden grouping select in combo lists
  • Selecting “Everyone” for the emergency contact information when building a new AAF was still using just the event participants
  • SS-2666: FIREFOX: Worked around Firefox bug that caused Phone numbers to disappear in printed Emergency Phone List
  • Emergency Phone List numbers weren't dynamically adjusting during resizing/printing
  • SS-2664: Copy-and-paste of large amount of MS Word text could fail to paste into event description field

Patch (2020-09-17)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Hide controls relating to the Emergency List for members without the appropriate permissions, since they'll just generate blank lists
  • SS-2652: Make clicking on text/labels of checkboxes actually toggle the checkboxes
  • Improved reporting when there is a localStorage quota overrun
  • SS-2650: Members who are explicitly marked as ineligible the event aren't included in as custom selectable list in AAF
  • SS-2651: Members in new AAF's are sorted alphabetically
  • Duplicate Event now makes sure that meetings have the same ineligible members, so you can duplicate Cohort A and Cohort B events without recreating the signups

Bug Fixes

  • AAF: Already-approved AAF's weren't being flagged as obsolete if the event's Risk Category changed after the AAF was approved

Patch (2020-09-21)

Bug Fixes

  • Going to “Account” was trying to kick you out of off-line mode
  • SAFARI: Reduction of localStorage space requires that db-queued-outings be stored in indexedDB
  • Reverting a signup back to unknown wasn't immediately updating the display
  • SS-2683: Invalid javascript in log statement
  • COVID-19: SS-2687: Attendance Log report needs to include inactive members who attended the event, needs to use real name (e.g., “Doe, John” vs “Baloo”)
  • SS-2684: Scouters-only events in the future shouldn't show up as “Scheduled” events in youths' “Home” | “My History” | “My Events”
  • Avoid NPE when deleting collaboration of sections that no longer exist
  • COLONY: OAS badges were being excluded from Personal Record Sheet

Patch (2020-09-24)

COVID-19 Support

  • ENH: Add “include COVID-19 screening link” option to event emails
  • ENH: Add hideable COVID-19 tips on signup page (15 min, checklist)
  • BUG: SS-2709: COVID-19 warning about events with no attendance were being triggered by already-deleted events
  • BUG: One-time tip telling users about COVID-19 changes was saying that attendance needed to be recorded for parents dropping off youth (it should be for parents who stay for more than 15 minutes)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Tweaked wording of message when you try to change a “master” login's details
  • Better visual highlighting of the “master” login, and added warnings indicating that not all fields would be updatable except in the Commissioner account

Bug Fixes

  • SS-2693: Adding “optional other 'bcc' addresses” that specify the same email address as your login was causing “Add Key People” to enter the same email address on two recipient lines
  • Some notification emails (e.g., password reset) were using HTTP links instead of HTTPS
  • When editing a member with no SC member #, navigating away without making any changes would still warn that there were unsaved changes
  • SS-2705: Could get inappropriate collaboration invites from neighbouring Groups
  • SS-2674: Don't strip out blank lines when inserting event description into event emails
  • SS-2704: Shouldn't be able to merge a Scouter record with the “master” login
  • SS-2700: Master login was being left off email recipient and quickpick scouter pickers
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