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Release 16.4 - Key Features

Member Photos

There's been a couple of long-standing requests for ScoutsTracker to allow scouters to attach photographs to their roster. Historically, I had pegged that as low priority, since most Scouters learn their youths' names after a couple of weeks at most, and consequently the need to have a picture associated with each youth would be of only temporary benefit each year.

However, things have changed. We now have an increased emphasis on Emergency Response Plans, and one key aspect is having all the information required to identify a member (e.g., give a photo of the missing Cub to Search and Rescue, or help event organizers find the name of the Scouter who collapsed near the kybo.

Additionally, there is now a greater need to identify parents and other participants that you might not see on a week-to-week basis… e.g., identify which parent keeps bypassing the COVID-19 screening station by coming in from the back side of the park, etc.

Consequently, you're now able to attach a photo to each person in your roster. And when you generate an Emergency List, you can optionally choose to include the participants' photos. For a section hike/camp, it's likely you won't need this because you can already recognize your youth. But when you're going off into the wilderness, or attending a large multi-section camp where not everyone knows each other, then having the photo could be an essential element in keeping people safe.

And, of course, there is now a Gallery that you can view (under “Accounts”).

For the security-conscious users, the photo is encrypted in memory to prevent opportunistic snooping through a lost/stolen device, and additionally, accessing the Gallery requires entering the Security PIN. Additionally, the ScoutsTracker photo consent is respected… so if a parent has indicated that they do not permit ScoutsTracker to have photos of their children, then it is not possible to capture/store a photo for that youth.

To facilitate easy collection of photographs, there is a new “Take Photo” button that uses your smartphone's camera, and automatically applies rotation and scaling to the captured image.

Commissioner Target Audience

You can now optionally set the “Target Audience” for a Commissioner event, that specifies which section levels the event applies to. E.g., the CSA/QV Ceremony is only relevant to Troop and Company. A Council Cuboree is only relevant to Pack. A Standard First Aid Course might relevant to Troop, Company and Crew. When you set a Target Audience for a Commissioner event, it has two effects…

  • First, any section account that views the event overlaid on their section calendar (see “Schedule” | “Options” | “Show other schedules”) will only see the Commissioner account event if the section happens to be in the Target Audience. E.g., the Colony are not going to see the CSA/QV Ceremony on their calendar, and the Troop isn't going to see the Area Beaver Sleepover on their calendar.
  • Second, a ScoutsTracker calendar embedded in a website will have a selectable list of section levels, which a visitor can use to select their sections of interest, with all the irrelevant events being hidden. E.g., a parent with kids in Beavers and Cubs can select those two sections, and they'll only see information about the Museum Sleepover and Council Cuboree, but not the Wilderness First Aid course or the upcoming World Rover Moot.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Prevent endless recursion on null nonce
  • QUADRANT: Suppressed nag message about default contacts for events
  • Tweaks to presentation of Commissioner embedded calendars
  • Add the ability to rotate the event crest images
  • Event crests no longer require separate file select and upload actions
  • When no members have signed up for an event, the “Yes - Just event participants” option isn't listed when including the Emergency Info in an signup/attendance worksheet
  • Added mobile phone support for uploading roster photos and event crests
  • Miscellaneous smartphone layout improvements

Bug Fixes

  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-2748: Broke the build
  • SS-2752: Could not import event via event key
  • Apostrophes in patrol/adventure team names were being shown as “#&39;” in the “manage list of patrols” interface
  • EMAIL: SS-2754: In Quick Pick, partially-selected youth were not being fully selected upon selecting the patrol
  • SS-2757: New account creators were being forced to sign in immediately after creating the account
  • SS-2757: SQL Exception updating events after creation of a new account in a Group/Area/Council covered by automatic invite filter
  • QUADRANT: stripEmptyHtml was choking on timestamped requirements
  • SS-2776: Couldn't navigate to “Thanks” page
  • If you compose an email from an event, and select “add COVID-19 reminder” but not any other options, and you have no signature, then it's hard/impossible to start typing out of the COVID-19 reminder div
  • SS-2790: “Help” page formatting was seriously mucked up
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