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Release 16.5 - Key Features

Adventure Application Forms

Added a “Forms & Compliance” section under “Reports” that contains a link to list of all events that require AAF's, including their status.

For Group Commissioner accounts, this gives a Group-wide view of all the sections' AAF events, with a little summary showing which sections' AAFs need attention. Drilling down on a section then gives a list of all the impending AAF events, with a text description of any outstanding AAF action items (e.g., perhaps you need to approve a submitted AAF, or perhaps the section Scouter has not yet submitted an AAF for the event, or perhaps a previously-submitted/approved AAF has been rendered obsolete by a change in the Risk Category or Pandemic Stage). Additionally, you can now approve an AAF from your GC commissioner account (it'll do the same as clicking on the “Approve” button in the notification email you received).

For section accounts, you can only see your own AAF events.

By default, the AAF report only shows the immediately upcoming events (two weeks), but there is a toggle to show all AAF-related events if you want to look further in the future, or reference ev ents in the past.

Note: giving Commissioners the “AAF Events” report required exposing the “Reports” element to the sidebar, so now Commissioners also have access to a variety of event-related reports.


All account's “Home” page now lists your Council's current Pandemic Stage, provides a summary of the restrictions, and a link to the official standard for that stage

Area-level overrides of Council Pandemic Stage, so that specific cities can be designated as “hot spots” Additionally, Group Commissioners now have the ability to override the nominal Council/Area pandemic stage, for their Group. E.g., 1st Whitehorse is at Pandemic Stage 4, whereas the rest of Cas cadia is still at Pandemic Stage 2

Additionally, the COVID-19 Attendance Log report now only lists events with actual attendance

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Use a timer to dynamically switch from “Manage Signups” to “Manage Attendance” on the currently-viewed event, when you get within a hour
  • COMMISSIONERS: Hide the “include all sections?” option when sharing or embedding National/Council/Area calendars
  • COMMISSIONERS: Explicitly annotate sections that declined an invitation to join your account
  • Suppress some event signup/attendance tips if you're actually accessing a non-interactive report
  • SS-2804: The “including signups” emergency list for event signup/attendance worksheets should include Unknown signups

Bug Fixes

  • SS-2789: EMAIL: Recipients who were typed in on BOTH bcc and cc lines (e.g., as a parent and a two-deep scouter) were being shown as a bcc recipient, which was obscuring the fact that the were part of two-deep communication
  • SS-2796: If events had both “Site' and “Location' values, and then you gave that event the “Virtual” labe, you ended up with an unusable “Call-in Details” link
  • Contact list of attendance log was showing all members (in each div) if none were marked as attending
  • COVID-19 Attendance Log was showing an “Other Participant Totals” row
  • Qualifications Report wasn't showing scouters
  • Couldn't drill down on some event's AAFs
  • SS-2808: Couldn't drill down on some events
  • COMMISSIONER: SS-2809: Couldn't use “Connect” if there was already an uninitialized login in the target section
  • When editing an event email where signup is enabled, then creating a custom email list via the “Add Recipients” droplist, and then changing the member grouping, you'd be switched to the combo picker presentation (i.e., with signup/attendance information included)
  • AAF: SS-2817: When viewing previously-submmitted AAFs, participant selections of “See attached list” were being listed as “None” instead of “See attached list”
  • AAF: Still a couple of lurking references to Cat 1 events not requiring that the AAF be submitted
  • SS-2827: Couldn't delete members from a login's “Accessed Youth/Other Participants” list
  • SS-2835: List of sections when transferring youth/scouters was using the sections' original names, not the names you had assigned to them
  • SS-2844: SC changed the link to the Volunteer Screening document
  • SS-2828: Tallies from two copies of youth from former section where the tallies were initially set to a value and then incremented weren't being merged correctly
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