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Release 16.7 - Key Features

Account-Wide Management of Login/Email Address Usage

Under “Account”, there are now three new links that provide streamlined approaches for reviewing and updating account-wide email and login information.

In particular,

  • “Access granted by login” lets admins see and control (by clicking on a table view) which logins have access to which youths' records
  • “Login permissions” lets admins see and control (by clicking on a table view) which logins have specific permissions
  • “Email addresses & Communication” lets admins see and control (by clicking on a table view) which email addresses are TO vs BCC, which are two-deep, which are login-based vs “Other Email Address”, and which are on reject lists (e.g., bounced email addresses or opted out)

Note: depending on the size of your roster, these can be very large table reports, and may be essentially unusable on smartphone screens. For smartphone users, the existing “Account” | “Logins” still exists, which allows you to manipulate all the same data, just for one login at a time.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Tweaked permission label to read “Can update badge progression”
  • Suppress “Manage Signup/Attendance” action for Cancelled events
  • COMMISSIONERS: Show whether a Group has overridden its nominal pandemic stage, and clear that override on subsequent updates
  • COMMISSIONERS: Smarter default role for account creator, when creating sections from within a Commissioner account
  • COMMISSIONERS: EMAIL: SS-2963: No longer includes “Other Participants” in emails
  • COMMISSIONERS: Better dynamic vocab replacement
  • Show bounces of Login Welcome Messages and offer an unblock option
  • Crisper vertical text
  • Renamed “Allow this Scout to be contacted” to “Exclude this Scout from Troop Emails” to align with the wording/sense of the Scouter setting
  • Added NL-specific working to the self-assessment screening checklist
  • Shaved 2 seconds off the document load time
  • Suppress repeated “Checking for sync data” on accounts that have not yet added any badge/event records

Bug Fixes

  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-2975: Couldn't change Group's pandemic stage to the same as the Council if you were in an overridden Area
  • SS-2977: Related Reqs selections lost when using prev/next buttons to switch between badges
  • SS-2990: Can fail to start if no Council info pre-exists
  • SS-2993: SAFARI: Stupid apple browser still doesn't support parts of 2018 ECMAScript standard
  • SS-3012: Setting the Pandemic Stage for a Council would scrub all Group-level overrides… even for Groups in other Councils
  • SS-3013: Attempt to recover password was kicking you to the sign in page
  • SS-3014: Could not convert a previously-awarded PAB to a Special Award
  • SS-3016: If a master Commissioner login erroneously had “is_auto” enabled, then changing the pin/password in a section account was not also updating the master login
  • AAF: SS-3033: If you connected and immediately created/edited an AAF, it could say that the Council was “Unknown”
  • SS-3038: Embedding HTML snippet for Commissioner accounts' sometimes had a type (missing quotation mark)
  • PACK: Missing PAB images in PRS
  • Collaboration sometimes showed empty names like “- Cubs”
  • Extra quotation in mark in link to COVID checklist
  • Fixed issue with the “Did you know you can now track COVID-19 screening” tip showing up every time, even though you previously click “Got It!”
  • SS-3045: Event crests could be awarded, but keep showing up on “Ready-to-Award” report
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-3047: Emails of scouters that that were *also* associated with “Other Contacts” were being excluded from the “Add all section Scouters” when composing emails
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-3051: Composing an email or searching members was generating an annoying “'permissions' is not a valid email address” message

Patch (2020-12-18)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Offer a way to mark hard/soft bounced email addresses as valid (e.g., to handle the GMail service outages)
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