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Release 17.2 - Key Features

Multiple Simultaneous Connections / Fast Switching

You can now have connections to multiple sections *at the same section level* open simultaneously. E.g., you can be connected to your “A Pack” in one browser tab, and “B Pack” in another browser tab.

Another outcome of this change is that if you go to “Account” | “Use another account”, and switch logins (e.g., from “A Pack” to “B Pack” it now doesn't have to do a complete sync! I.e., data is now persisted on an account-by-account basis, where it used to be persisted on an edition-by-edition basis (i.e., you could only store the details for the most recent Pack account you connected to).

What motivated this change (apart from the nice ability to have multiple accounts open simultaneously, and to be able to fast switching), is that some people (primarily Safari users) were having trouble signing in as they were getting the dreaded “This login is not associated with any Scouts” bug, for which the best work-around was to use a better browser.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • EMAIL: Have an “event what/when/where snapshot” option when composing an email that includes name, date, location (if exists), fee (if exists)
  • SS-3631: Added new instruction to “Import from MyScouts” to specifically mention the “Active On” setting
  • Make parseOutings more resilient to outing ID collisions
  • Added support for Pending Sync of UserPasswordReset, to avoid StaleStateException errors resulting from double-clicks
  • Eliminated almost all dependence on localStorage, so there should be fewer/no out-of-memory errors
  • Add tip to e-signature lines so that people will know that they just have to submit the AAF to add their signature
  • Add “to merge with inactive youth” hint to merge-picker

Bug Fixes

  • SS-3668: Could not save events after last update (sorry!)
  • SS-3670: Permit multiple post sync callbacks
  • SS-3682: SEA SCOUTS: Couldn't change youth roles
  • Fixed exception when creating/updating quals
  • Updating youth contacts could result in a StaleStateException
  • Fixed a SQL error
  • SS-3696: Couldn't change your login email address if it was being used in a different edition (weren't being shown the password prompt)
  • Deleting a LoginAccess record wasn't also deleting any corresponding YouthContact records
  • Fixed some broken SQL when dealing with the InvitationSent table
  • SQL error when updating Hello website name
  • SS-3708: Missing image/link to SDG 13 Climate Action in the Environment sustainability badges

Patch (2021-10-12)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • SS-3729: Add tip when people try to added sustainability badges as Related Requirements
  • Strip some dynamic content out of requirement text when viewing Related Requirements
  • NEWSFEED: Reverse order of daily snapshots so that the most recent date is at the top

Bug Fixes

  • SS-3694, SS-3734, SS-3739: Problems changing master login, or email address of master login
  • verifydelegate email was using a ver1 endpoint

Patch (2021-10-19)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • SS-3725: Make sure bulk migration list is cleared before starting an individual migration
  • COMMISSIONERS: Prevent an assert when updating section info
  • Added a check to the HealthCheckServlet to trigger a server restart in the case of exceptions
  • Add the “Around the World” challenge
  • Re-enabling communications now only uploads the affected field
  • Eliminated annoying “there are unsaved changes to this Youth” message, when there weren't any
  • EMAIL: SS-3775: When selecting “parents” as the recipients, the resulting message should list *which* youth have no parent logins
  • Added a Quick Fix and Copy Session Details to loading page

Bug Fixes

  • SS-3750: Future personal events weren't visible on the schedule
  • SS-3755: Link to “Scouter Files” wasn't being display, despite being set properly
  • SS-3743: Import from MyScouts was creating some duplicate Address records for the members
  • Leaders.transferUpdatedByID was trying to update wrong database
  • Some session preferences weren't being respected upon startup
  • SS-3727: An attempt to duplicate a past Personal event would appear to fail
  • SS-3761: Add a check to the AAF Readiness check to make sure the GC has opted in to receiving notification emails
  • SS-3724: Some shared inventory items (e.g., Council crests) weren't reflecting the Group's stock
  • Re-enabling communications via “Account” | “Email addresses and communication” had no effect
  • Selecting “Add parents” wasn't triggering the “Some Scouts do not have parent email addresses” message after the first time
  • SS-3724: Updating a custom inventory item was creating duplicate inventory records
  • EMAIL: “Call-in details” line could be inserted for non-virtual events
  • None of the “intbool” properties were being respected upon loading
  • SS-3782: Multi-event signup report wasn't generating
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