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Release 17.4 - Key Features

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Upgraded PostgreSQL to version 13.3
  • Let non-admins set their own “Bcc-only” flag
  • Let non-admins set their own “signature” and “delegate emails” IFF they have “can send emails” permission
  • Only upload certain fields depending on whether the updater has permissions AND they apply to the target login
  • Made a number of login fields immutable, so that they can only be set upon creation
  • ADMIN: Added Login.is_auto to the export/import
  • AAF: SS-3908: Relaxed requirements to have all checkboxes ticked
  • SS-3923: Emergency List uses real names, not display names
  • COMMITTEE: Now have a group-wide Youth Progress Report
  • NEWS FEED: Automatic selection of white/black “see more” link colour when custom background color
  • AAF: QR Code link opens in a new tab
  • Shaved 600-700 ms off initial connect time

Bug Fixes

  • SS-3903: Import (Copy) required a “Reload from Server” before you could see your imported event
  • SS-3903: Clicking “All” in Give Credit had no effect
  • AAF: SS-3910: On submission, you could get erroneous message that you were opted out of notifications, even if you hadn't
  • COLLABORATION: SS-3905: Scouter-only visibility of your Group's schedule wasn't being persisted
  • Non-admin Scouters couldn't update a couple of checkboxes under “My Login”
  • SS-3941: Clicking on youth names in “Who's working on what” report (and others) wasn't doing anything
  • SS-3919: When Bcc-only is enabled for an account, then email-specific emails should have two-deep contacts be given line precedence over outing contacts
  • NEWS FEED: Couldn't upload a banner image
  • NEWS FEED: Selecting “See more” was impacting multiple news feed items
  • NEWS FEED: When a news feed item contained a floating element, it was really messing up the height of the expanded news feed item
  • AAF: QR Code link is broken when you create & save your AAF without initially saving event
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