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Release 17.5 - Key Features

New Program Elements

ScoutsTracker now supports the Claim the Flame challenge under “Home” | “Seasonal challenges”.

Noticeable UI Changes

SS-3933: When deleting a youth, if there are other youth with similar names, the user is warned about the fact and shown the similar names. This then helps them confirm that they aren't deleting the wrong “Ethan”.

SS-3982: Add an “Apply to all upcoming events” button to “Account” | “Advanced” | “Default Scouter-in-charge”, so if the Scouter-in-charge wasn't different for some of the events, they can quickly be replaced. This is useful when you have a leadership change. Changing the Scouter-in-charge prompts you if you want to apply the change to any upcoming events if some of those events have a different Scouter-in-charge.

Wired off the creation of “personal” accounts. The existence of these accounts were a hold-over from when Sections/Groups had to individually pay for ScoutsTracker, and consequently there were situations when the Youth wanted to track their own progress, even though the Scouters didn't want to pay. But now that National is covering the licence fee, this is no longer a common situation, and is instead being used by parents who forgot their login.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Added better reporting of global-block rejections
  • Moved updating of message status to “sent” to the ResponseParser, and added polling loop to client
  • Added support for “Safety” section in a custom badge definition's Notes field
  • Cleaned up some use of apostrophes in HTTP params
  • Reduce amount of uploaded outing data when cancelling, updating member-in-charge, etc.
  • Reduce number of times EMAIL_META gets upload to server
  • Deleted old databases and tables that were still being retained from this summer's big schema migration

Bug Fixes

  • SS-3394: Changing your own login to use an email address already associated with another login shows a dialog, but the “Continue” button wasn't working
  • Assertion when updating EMAIL_META
  • COMMITTEE: SS-3949: Group-wide progress report was reporting a 500 error
  • COMMITTEE: SS-3954: Pandemic stage colours weren't being set correctly
  • SS-3947: Incorrect edition recorded when logins moved up to next section
  • Could get caught in an endless login loop if events had been misstored with account ID = 0
  • SS-3956: Red-herring error message when transferring youth to another account
  • SS-3959: Deleting an attachment doesn't immediately update the list of attachments, causing one to believe it didn't get deleted
  • SS-3972 (and others): Events appeared to go missing after signing in
  • Bogus events could prevent /hello website from loading
  • SS-3973: Yet another SC website redesign resulted in broken links to documents
  • COMMITTEE: Email invitations to collaborate weren't including the required invitation key
  • The list of other logins in the “You have no logins” page could be empty for some users

Patch (2022-01-29)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • AAF: Removed empty div when viewing (not editing) an AAF with no attachments
  • Better filtering prevents updates to Troop News from being filtered out if the local computer's timestamp is lagging the servers
  • Check for the existence of account admin contacts now includes youth members
  • Added additional support for leader-less (and more parameterized) product configurations
  • Reverting the signup of a non-member back to “Unknown” should leave them as Eligible
  • The reminder about parent screening for overnight events should take priority over checking that you're updating the signup of a past event
  • COMMITTEE: Rename “Key People” to “Committee members”, to discourage thinking that only the key 3 should be part of the committee account
  • NEWS FEED: Sorting now uses the largest of the min posting date and the last content updated date, rather than just the posting date
  • Made random number generator be offset by current timestamp

Bug Fixes

  • EMAIL: SS-3985: COVID-screening instructions were being included in new emails even if the event doesn't require screening (e.g., virtual)
  • AAF: When trying to resend a previously-submitted AAF, you would get a message saying you hadn't checked the “am aware of all policies” checkbox
  • AAF: SS-3986: The actual “Submit” button wasn't appearing for some users
  • SS-3988: Council web schedule hangs when advancing to next month
  • SS-3987: The list of Welcome Message's two-deep scouters wouldn't update when switching between sections, in the same browser tab
  • CONSENT: SS-3992: Checkboxes weren't clickable, vocabulary placeholder strings weren't being replaced
  • SS-4042: Parent/Guardian Consent Form filled out from RSVP email link couldn't be submitted
  • SS-3999: SDG Projects were showing up as inventory items
  • Updating the stock of a shared inventory item was generating a SQL exception

Patch (2022-02-10)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • ADMIN: Use a checkbox for YES/NO only parameters, instead of select
  • ADMIN: Provide dynamic list of products
  • ADMIN: Use fontawesome and nicer presentation of JSON results
  • ADMIN: SS-4033: Provided stripped-down admin interface for Council reps

Bug Fixes

  • SS-4045: Attendance Report has double checkmark in cell when participant brought guests
  • Cleaned up some missing/erroneous LoginAccess records
  • RSVP: SQL error when leaders respond
  • SS-4067: Non-admin scouters could sometimes not see all the youth in the roster
  • HELLO: Could get an exception accessing /hello for a Group that has had a section account created after the last Committee edition access
  • RSVP: Could get an exception trying to update the RSVP of a scouter
  • “Create New Account” button wasn't always showing up
  • iOS: Trying to work around the inability to click on the Security PIN text field

Patch (2022-02-20)

Support Change to SC Pandemic Stage 5 AAF Policy

SC policy no longer requires submission/approval of a AAF if the event is a Risk Category 1 meeting in the usual location.

The challenge was that there was no way to define the “usual” meeting location. Consequently, under “Account” | “Advanced” there is now a section for picking some default properties for Meetings (including the “usual location”).

You can initialize those settings explicitly, but if you've previously created meetings on your schedule, and click on the same day-of-the week, then those new default settings will be automatically initialized from the previous meeting.

The new meeting defaults are applied whenever you create a new meeting, either explicitly or just by clicking on the designated day of the week on your schedule.

And, with the addition of a way to define the “usual location”, ScoutsTracker no longer tells you you have to submit an AAF for your run-of-the-mill meetings.

Additionally, when you edit an event that requires an AAF, the “Adventure Application Form” item in the “Safety” section will show the reason *why* you have to submit one… e.g., you're not at Pandemic Stage 5, or it's a Risk Category 2 or 3 event, or it's a Cat 1 event that isn't a meeting, or your Cat 1 meeting isn't at your usual location.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • ADMIN: Added timezone support based on local settings
  • Duplicating an event should scrub AAF's and consent forms from the new copy
  • Better feedback when duplicating events that are subscriptions, or have AAF's/consent forms
  • When deleting events, don't complain about signups existing for previously-deleted members
  • COVID: SS-4092: Updated the self-assessment checklist (and link) to align with latest changes by SC
  • Added getters for common tables, to hide the implementation
  • Ignore malformed event links
  • SS-4104: Allow users to unflag ScoutsTracker emails as spam, and allow admins to send Unblock emails for logins that flagged as spam

Bug Fixes

  • SS-4088: Duplicating a subscription event was not copying the description or attachments
  • Editing an event, and then clicking on “AAF” was telling you that the event was unsaved… until the next sync
  • Adding a new login to an existing scouter was not creating a LoginAccess record
  • SS-4100: Reference to invalid database table (typo)
  • Embedded link to a different edition (e.g., Council event in newsfeed post, viewed by Pack) was hanging
  • SS-4102: Printing consent forms was showing a blank Page Preview
  • SS-4111: Winter Skills 6.1 was being treated as a tally requirement
  • SS-4108: GMail was rejecting some ScoutsTracker emails because GMail now requires senders to have DMARC records
  • Some soft-bounces were being reported as hard-bounces
  • Next/Prev links for Email weren't really working

Patch (2020-03-04)

Easier Reactivation

As a policy, when doing an “Import from MyScouts”, the status of a youth is not changed (it could be really annoying if moved-up youth kept being reactivated, or if a youth who had withdrawn but is still active in MyScouts for the remainder of the year kept being reactivated).

But the downside of this policy is that if you had youth who were marked as “Inactive”, the “Import from MyScouts” was updating the record, but many people were thinking that the import had missed those youth because they weren't part of your roster (and could only be found by going to “Accounts” | “Scouts” | “Inactive Scouts”).

So now, when you do an import that includes previously-inactivated youth, you'll now have a toggle that lets you reactivate them as part of the “Import from MyScouts”.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Added “site” field to meeting defaults
  • SS-4174: EMAIL: Repeatedly clicking the COVID or RSVP buttons will add/remove the inserted text
  • Event's “Contacts” picker now shows the emails (including other Bcc) used by the Scouters
  • Updated deep copy method to support maps and sets, added a clone method that supports maps and sets and dates
  • Add “Copy Queued Events” button
  • COMMITTEE: Added a means by which you can acknowledge that you Group does have multiple GC's
  • COMMITTEE: Actually list the names of multiple GC's, and give a way to edit them directly without having to close the dialog and navigate
  • AAF: SS-4114: I collect SC Member # for “Other Participants” but don't show them in the AAF
  • AAF: SS-4176: Approvals now automatically CC's all other Committee Members who have the GC role
  • AAF: SS-4176: Approval page now gives the approver the option to CC all the event contact people
  • AAF: Better support during submission for Groups that have multiple GC's
  • MIGRATION: Move away from dependence on Leader.login_id field
  • ADMIN: Redirect /guides and other defunct editions to
  • ADMIN: Disable changing your own login email address or password when you're a support login
  • ADMIN: Prevented need to double sign in after reattaching support login

Bug Fixes

  • Drill down to “Account” | “Logins” | <parent login>, in an account without “youth led?”. Resize the window. An empty “Permissions” section appears
  • SS-4161: Non-participating Scouters weren't being culled from the signup/attendance lists unless signup was enabled for the event:w
  • “Manuals” section under “Help” wasn't visible
  • Tweaked the MAAF applicability rule to no longer look at an event's labels for Cat 1 events at the usual meeting place
  • Sometimes, a parent email address wouldn't be recognized as belonging to a youth
  • SS-4173: RSVP: No feedback when the consent form is incomplete
  • “Recent Locations” droplist was showing HTML-encoded apostrophes
  • SS-4184: Last update broke the Pond Map
  • SS-4182: Calendar doesn't use fixed with columns, can be wider than available screen real estate
  • “Move/link up to…” button under “Account” | “Youth” wasn't appearing until after first drilled to an individual youth
  • SS-4179: Were getting a red herring error message when moving up youth
  • Couldn't change the label of some Collaborations
  • SS-4190: Couldn't get to “Account” | “Advanced” after updating default meeting settings with no location
  • SS-4183: Updating a login in one account could potentially scrub an email-based youth contact record in another account if the email-based youth contact was the same email address as the updated login
  • SS-4196: Import from MyScouts wasn't updating SC Member #'s for members who were entered manually but without member #'s
  • SS-4200: Adding images by URL to event descriptions (and other notes) was generating a bogus “image is to large” message
  • SS-4211: Your own account's collaboration name/colours were additionally showing up under “Other <your group> Sections”
  • SS-4198, SS-4020, SS-4065: Events stuck in queue
  • SS-4210: Changing default weekly dues wasn't correctly offering to update upcoming meetings (that used the old default weekly dues)
  • SS-4213,SS-4217: In an Event summary, the attendance showed Scouter names mixed in with Youth names
  • PACK: YLT subreqs can't be completed, or selected as Related Requirements
  • COMMITTEE: When viewing a section event with an AAF, the event summary was saying “Committee member-in-Charge”, rather than “Scouter-in-Charge”
  • COMMITTEE: Fixed wording which was mis-describing “two-scouter rule” as “two-committee member rule”
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