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Release 18.0 - Key Features

Complete Restructuring of How Members are Implemented

The essence of this is update is change to the underlying identity model used by ScoutsTracker. The old model identified all badge progression, qualifications, emergency info using a “member ID” which referred to a specific entry in your account's roster. This meant that all the records associated with a member in your account were “owned” by that member, and were specific to your account.

That has now been changed by the addition of a new over-arching “Person” record, that is independent of the account. This includes fields such as your real name, your SC Member #, your birthday, etc. I.e., fields that aren't impacted by whether you're a Beaver or a Scouter.

So a member in a Section actually has a significant chunk of their information stored in the new Person record, i.e., all member records now actually just reference a specific person record where account-independent fields are stored. A key advantage is that a multiple member records can now all reference a single underlying person record. I.e., this means that they all now share common fields such as name, birthdate, SC Member #, etc.

But even more significant is that all the badge progression, qualifications, emergency info records are linked to a account-independent person record, rather than an account-specific member record. And this means that if there are multiple members who share the same person record, they also now share the same badge progression, qualifications, etc. So if a linking White Tail completes an OAS requirement, that accomplishment is instantly visible in their new Pack. Or if a Pack Scouter recertifies their Standard First Aid, then the other sections that Scouter helps out with will also see that updated qual.

The linking of member and person records has also enabled some other function. For example, a Scouter can add a member to their roster just by using a “Scouting Role ID” from a different account that the member is involved in.

And members can be identified as being the same “person” by using an “Add Other Scouting Role” button.

This same mechanism now allows parents to fetch their kids' Scouting Role ID's (via a new “Moved to a Different Group” button) so that a Scouter in a new Section can add the youth to their rosters.

The information about members in your Section are now presented more like a resumé, with a section about the person, a section about their current Role in your Section, and a listing of all their other (past and present) roles in other Sections.

Finally, there are a couple of new fields associated with the person, most notably there is a “Pronouns” field by which you can specify the gender pronouns that a member would prefer people use.

The use of a common Person record now means that Scouters have record their birthdates. And, there's a new “Left the Section” date field for members.

This is very far-reaching change, so more detailed information can be found

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • SS-4558: Added an Owing/Paid toggle to “Reports” | “Payment”
  • IMPORT: SS-4556: Improved error reporting when trying to import edited/invalid membership listings
  • IMPORT: System File Open dialog now only looks for .xls
  • IMPORT: First/Last names are now mandatory, SC Member # is now mandatory
  • Hide snapshot summary/events when current youth is an “Other Participant”
  • Better warning when deleting scouters with signup/attendance/payment records
  • Ability to reset “start/end a new year” and tips
  • Move up / Transfer notification email now goes to parents, too
  • Better parameterization of “Tap” vs “Click” vocabulary
  • “Manage attendance” COVID and attendance columns are now disabled if the member is not eligible to attend
  • Divider status is now 'partial' if any of the rows are partial

Bug Fixes

  • SS-4553: Got misleading error message if you tried to sign in with login with an uninitialized password after previously having tried signing in with a unrecognized email
  • SS-4459: For self-collaboration, if label was null it was showing as “undefined”
  • Fixed obscure merging error when dealing with requirements that had been successively awarded/revoked as a result of changing event attendance after Giving Credit
  • Fixed an issue with with inflating tally counts when repeatedly merging youth
  • Was losing requirement note attachments when merging youth
  • CREW: SS-4602: Restored favicon
  • SS-4600: No consent column included for youth “Other participants” in Manage Attendance page
  • SS-4600: “Show Other Participants” is not pre-selected when there are attendees who didn't sign up
  • COMMITTEE: SS-4617: Meetings had a nominal dues of $1, even though the concept of default dues isn't supported in the Committee edition
  • COMMITTEE: SS-4619: Couldn't get rid of some legacy contacts for Sections
  • COMMITTEE: Go to “Account” | “Sections” | <section> | “Contact Administrators”, was listing all members as recipients
  • COMMITTEE: If Bcc-only is set, and you select “Add Everyone” when composing an email, committee members that are not involved in any section account would not be included

Patch (2022-09-07)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • SS-4635: Better “Other Scouting Role” labels for accounts in Committee accounts

Bug Fixes

  • SS-4639: “Join Scouting” date always being set to Sept 3rd
  • SS-4641: “Left the Troop” date picker's page title said “Joined”
  • SS-4647: Uniform elements and custom inventory were missing from the Inventory
  • SS-4644: Event crests from culled personal events weren't being removed from search and Ready-to-Award reports
  • SS-4648: Problems subscribing/importing/pushing events
  • SS-4646: Problem transferring Scouter
  • SS-4633: Red-herring “you're not an administrator” message after completing the version18 migration
  • SS-4665: Using “Other Scouting Roles” “Merge” button was trying to merge with the last-edited youth if you tried to merge a scouter role
  • SS-4638: Import from MyScouts was screwing up the addition of new Scouters
  • COMMITTEE: SS-4645: Hello website wasn't showing photo roll
  • COMMITTEE: SS-4653: Couldn't change properties of sections
  • COMMITTEE: The “Scouting Role ID” wasn't being shown for Committee Members
  • COMMITTEE: Made Section edit page look nicer

Patch (2022-09-13)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • ADMIN: Added “othermembers” summary to searchMembers
  • Cleaned up ugly layout of month and year editors in little date pickers
  • Prevent uploading of duplicate attachments for req notes, news, hello photoroll

Bug Fixes

  • COMMITTEE: Edit Leader was missing a “jump to…” link for the Other Scouting Roles
  • COMMITTEE: SS-4673: GC's couldn't click the final “Approve” button for an AAF
  • SS-4671: Sync error if there were no active youth in the account
  • SS-4677: Specific bogus phone numbers could prevent merging
  • SS-4680: Could not create hikes/camps in the past
  • SS-4681: “Ready-to-Award”/“Ready-to-Demonstrate” report showed no results when grouping by Cub
  • “All awarded badges” report showed no results
  • SS-4685: Couldn't connect to an account a member's other roles included an account from a deleted area
  • SS-4683: Manually adding a blank “Other Participant” was trying to create a youth member
  • SS-4682: Custom Welcome Text wasn't being persisted
  • SS-4597: Boolean sense of toggleShowWelcome was backwards
  • Couple of fixes relating to elimination of .loginid as a property of member
  • SS-4689: Birthdays prior to Jan 1st, 1970 were appearing as “unknown”
  • Two conditions in which we could violate the leader↔login singleton constraint
  • Couldn't merge two leader roles in which share the same login (erroneous condition)
  • SS-4704: Couldn't delete attachments from the Troop News

Patch (2022-09-29)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Add the “Dragon Trail Quest”
  • No longer changed history “Date range” when disabling “include requirements”
  • Prevent reversing of event credit for transactions completed outside of the event
  • AAF: SS-4729: “Use custom selection” option should default to all selected
  • HELLO: SS-4652: Consistent (deterministic) ordering of sections when displaying subscribed events
  • SS-4740: Can now change login email to be the same as the master login's email… if you are the master
  • Prevent needless collaboration invite when your Group has auto-collaborate enabled
  • IMPORT: No longer skip 'pending' scouters… leave as “Needs Approval”
  • Suppress confirmation when deleting blank phone numbers and addresses
  • COMMITTEE: Reminder tip about setting up a master
  • No indictation that “unblock” is clickable (cursor, text-decoration)
  • Prevent people from using the same delegate email address as their login email address
  • Improved messaging when setting the delegate email address
  • After importing from MyScouts or importing a member by ID, the user is now given the option to go to “Welcome Messages”

Bug Fixes

  • SS-4598 (and others): Couldn't reset the master login
  • SS-4702: Tail levels were being reset to brown on Import from MyScouts
  • SS-4658: Duplicate SDG projects from previous sections were being listed
  • SS-4710 (and others): Some scouters were created with non-scouter logins
  • HELLO: SS-4717: Couldn't access the /hello website from a section account
  • SS-4720: Couldn't mark Other Participants as “Inactive”
  • Not all Tallies were showing in the history report
  • SS-4658: Awarded event crests were errorneously showing in the Ready-to-Award report
  • SS-4745: Committee Youth progress report showed last_name, last_name
  • Cleaned up indentation of “similar names” confirmation when deleting members
  • SS-4762: Phone numbers weren't being uploaded for new members
  • RSVP: Fixed SQL error in servlet
  • SS-4471: Exclude personal meetings when looking for the last meeting to use as a naming template
  • Fixed/optimized background janitorial tasks
  • Account-specific calendar turnover date wasn't being respected
  • SS-4748: Master account changes weren't being properly propagated upon change of email address
  • Old master logins weren't being scrubbed when a Committee account was unmarked as being the official account of a Group
  • SS-4769: Other Participants not being included in Emergency List
  • Ready to Approve AAF's was relying on hard-coded role IDs
  • RSVP: SS-4784: Merging members between sending an RSVP and clicking on it was resulting in “not permitted to signup” response

Patch (2022-10-06)

Email Enhancements

  • Account-wide delegate email address
  • Improved UI/wording around FROM and REPLY-TO (formerly, “delegate”) email addresses
  • EMAIL: Add a return-path configuration to (hopefully to work around Hotmail behaviour)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Minimized event fetching when showing other schedules (performance issue)
  • Redistribution of former “Account” | “Advanced” into better-identified submenus

Bug Fixes

  • SS-4791: Default Scouter-in-charge still shows inactive scouters
  • Editing any login wasn't showing Troop Emails fields if the “Current Scout” was an Other Participant
  • SS-4788: Hang when viewing badges where the youth had requirement completion notes that contained just a single double-quotation
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