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Release 18.1 - Key Features

News Feed

Section Scouters can now create News Feed posts for their own section, by clicking “News Feed” | “Add”. This ability now replaces the klunky old “Troop News” interface. Most old Troop News were automatically converted to section News Feed posts. The advantage for a Scouter to be able to create posts for their section is that means you can have smaller tidbits of information (which can be individually hidden by users, once they've read them), and can specify start/stop days to you can make your communication more time-sensitive.

Even better, Scouters can also (almost) instantly create News Feed for specific events. E.g., For any upcoming event, you'll now find an “Add to News Feed” item in the right-hand action menu. Clicking on this will create a new post that contains

  • A title and brief who/when/where list of details, that is always automatically updated if you ever edit the event
  • The event crest (if any) as a right-aligned banner image
  • A “Signup” button that takes the viewer to the specific event so they can read the full details and sign up
  • A post expiry date, so the post automatically disappears when the event is over… meaning you never have to worry about cleaning up the news feed of irrelevant posts.

All this can be done just by clicking “Add to News Feed” then clicking “Save”!

News Feed posts now can have attachments.

News Feed posts now use the cool new Group/Council insignia, if defined (see below).

The “banner” image can now be position. The old “above the text” option is still available, but that's been complemented by a “left” and “right” position which has the post's text wrap arr ound the image.

There were also several cosmetic improvements, including having the Action button always visible, even if some of the post text is hidden under the “see more” link

Group/Council Insignia

Official Committee accounts can now upload an image as their insignia, by going to “Account” | “Public profile” | “Insignia”.

Ideally this would just be a photo of the crest, but could also be a graphic if you have the original artwork. The uploaded image is then used in the following contexts:

  • It is used as the avatar for any News Feed post created by that account
  • It is used as the image seen in section accounts when viewing the inventory. I.e., the Group and Council crests now show the appropriate image upload by your Group and Council.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • SS-4808: More helpful message when trying to reactivate a hard-locked account
  • COVID: Made a bunch of COVID-related UI dependent on the pandemic stage and policy change dates
  • COMMITTEE: “Show Meetings” should be overridden by a missing AAF (if Show AAF Deadlines is enabled)
  • COMMITTEE: AAF Deadline should go to source event, not just say “Deadline”
  • Updated AAF to exclude pandemic modifications (targeted for Nov 7th)
  • SS-4799: Event to other schedule's events are replaced with a link to a local event if the current Troop has imported that event
  • SS-4833: Signup/Attendance sheet emergency list no longer includes unknown signups in “Event Participants” option

Bug Fixes

  • AAF: SS-4798: Submission deadlines were appearing for some events, even though the conditions didn't require an AAF
  • SS-4811: Duplicate entries for badges in “Wall Chart” when also referencing the old program
  • COMMITTEE: SS-4816: Transportation Plan feature was wired off
  • PersonNoteAttachments weren't being updated with person_id
  • SS-4822: Sometimes your subscribed events weren't showing up when Show Other Schedules was enabled and the source event was in the same edition
  • SS-4835: In embedded calendars, the call-in details link for virtual events had a semi-colon appended to the URL
  • SS-4851: updateMasterInfo was using login ID -1, rather than the master login's ID
  • CHROME: Suppress a tooltip when trying to add a headshot photo for an unsaved member
  • HELLO: Had SC restore the missing insignia placement images

Patch (2022-10-29)

News Feed Enhancements

  • Automatically convert youtube links to embedded videos (also affects event descriptions)
  • Better auto-scaling of landscape-oriented avatars
  • If “News Feed” contains no posts it now says something helpful

Signup/Attendance Worksheet Enhancements

  • Zebra-striping for signup/attendance worksheet
  • Offer additional options for determining which signup statuses to include in the worksheet
  • SS-4847: Make Signup/Attendance worksheet have a signup-only mode (hides attendance columns)

Schedule Enhancements

  • Significant rewording of (now-called) “Schedule” | “Options” | “Events to fetch” option
  • If “Schedule” | “Options” | “Events to fetch” is set to “Active Scouts”, and you navigate to a month that predates, them the mode is automatically switched to “All time”
  • Iterating through next/prev events shouldn't show Submission Deadline (or birthdays)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Search now also looks through a badges “Resources” section
  • Sort by scope/name in “Connect via a different login”
  • COMMITTEE: Default “Show other schedules' events” to YES for Group accounts

Bug Fixes

  • SS-4876: Scrolling forward and backward wasn't correctly adding previously-fetched collab events to the schedule
  • Scouting Role ID was not visible for Other Participants
  • Empty “Inventory Management” heading is visible in National/Council accounts
  • SS-4878: Couldn't (un)mark an entire badge as complete from the “Change” button
  • SS-4879: In the event of outing ID collision, wrong person could get signup notifications
  • SS-4892: Members with home account stack where the final reference points to a soft-deleted accounts was generating an NPE

Patch (2022-11-04)

In order to support the harried scouter who is being handed Parent/Guardian consent forms as youth are being dropped off, these forms can now uploaded after the event has taken place.

In order to support the GC who for some reason cannot approve a submitted AAF prior to the event (but gives their verbal go-ahead) these forms can now be approved after the event has taken place.

AAF creation and submission must still take place before the event, as required by SC policy.

Bug fix: In a Committee account viewing an AAF of a Cat 3 event wasn't showing links to the consent forms

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Better feedback after doing an “Import by ID”
  • COMMITTEE: Support the trivial case of section nicknames like “Beavers” so annotated names don't show up as “Beavers - Beavers”
  • EMAIL: When selecting “Add Everyone” in an event-based email, it now only adds the eligible members
  • Hide national from the list of collaborations, because even though you can see its schedule, national can't see yours (as implied by the text)
  • Clean up database of email self-invites to the Group, and revoked/unneeded email invites

Bug Fixes

  • SS-4899: Do an “Import by ID” of senior youth as a SCOUTER into a section in which they already had an inactive youth login was failing
  • COMMITTEE: Name simplification was checking for long section level (e.g., “Beaver Colony”) when it should have been checking for short (e.g., “Beavers”)
  • COMMITTEE: Enabling mandatory auto-collaborate wasn't doing anything if there were prior email-based collaboration invites

Patch (2020-11-10)

Linking and U18 Scouter Badge Progression

As of version 18, ScoutsTracker has been capable of detecting a member's other roles. E.g., your Colony might have a U18 Scouter (e.g., a Keeo) who is actually a Scout in your Group's Troop. Or, you might have a lone Vent from a neighbouring Group who wants to participate in your Company's epic Summer Canoe Trip.

When ScoutsTracker determines that a Scouter or Other Participant in your section is actually an active youth member in another active account, it now exposes the badge progression for that member in your account. I.e., visibility of the badge progression (e.g., on the Home Page, in reports, and when Giving Credit after an event) is now simply determined by whether a particular person is an active youth member in any section.

To support this change, the old “Current Scout” selector in the left-hand sidebar has now been relabelled as “Current Member”, because it now additionally contains your section's active Scouters, allowing you to see the badge progression of your Keeo, and mark things as completed or awarded.

There are a couple of caveats… the badge progression you see in Pack (for example) is still limited to the those badges that make up the Pack program, i.e., the common badges such as the OAS and Sustainability awards as well as the section-specific badges like the Seeonee Award and Pack PABs. So if you have a Kim who is a member of Troop (for example), you won't be able to see their progression on their Chief Scout Award or their Troop PABs. To view/update their progression on Troop-specific badges, you'll need to view their records in a Troop account.

Additionally, in the rare event that a section has customized the completion logic (e.g., the Troop says a specific badge requirement is “always true”, making a specific OAS complete but not awarded), then that customization will not apply in any ther section. But that's a very rare “corner case”.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • COVID: Revert to pre-pandemic AAF, lift restrictions for Cat 1 events, links to screening questionare, recording of screening/contact tracing, etc.
  • Deprecated use of the 2013-era “cost-total” field
  • NEWSFEED: Add the warning that Troop News feature is disappearing on Nov 7th
  • NEWSFEED: Select default banner position based on geometry of banner image (e.g., portrait or landscape < 16:9 should be left- or right-aligned)

Bug Fixes

  • SS-4918: Deleted members were causing some reports to fail
  • SS-4921: Switching between “important date” and other event labels wasn't correctly updating “Fees Settings” inputs visibility
  • SS-4923: Last update broke embedded calendar sharing
  • FIREFOX: SS-4924: Bug in tinymce error was causing RSVP drafts to not be editable
  • SS-4925: Custom email lists that contained inactive members AND where the “always BCC” option was set, wasn't allowing you to remove the email address of the inactive members
  • “Copy Session Details” wasn't capturing errors that happened in promises
  • SS-4927: If you were a login that had never been invited, and the local storge was empty, you'd get stuck on the “processing roster…” stage
  • If per-youth cost was zero, and there was per-guest cost, then you couldn't edit the payment
  • NEWSFEED: Troop News was being incorrectly labelled as “(Old) Troop News”

Patch (2022-11-27)

Miscellaneous Enhavcements

  • HELLO: “News” now shows sections' posts
  • NEWSFEED: ugly alignment when creating an event-based post with a left-wrapped banner
  • SS-4952: “Sign me Up!” page should change name/ID when a different “Current Member” is selected
  • Snapshot now shows events for non-youth (so you can track the number of times a parent has shown up, etc.)
  • Clean up deprecated Member fields, refactor Outing.cost.total2
  • COMMITTEE: SS-4966: Event crests can now be added to Group events (for events that will get pushed out to sections)

Bug Fixes

  • SS-4936: Signup/Attendance worksheet title always says “Signups”
  • “Show details” link wasn't showing for OAS
  • “Final Requirements” wasn't being calculated for Ready-to-Demontstrate report
  • “Current Member” was unnecessarily including Scouter names in the drop-down list
  • SS-4954: In the Ready-to-Demostrate report, if “Show requirement text” was false, the req numbers weren't being listed in the printed report
  • SS-4957: Link in “Help” page was telling people to contact “support@HOST”
  • “My History” report wasn't returning results
  • SS-4965: “Give Credit” table was listing scouters even if they didn't have an active youth role in another section
  • Whether badges were being shown in snapshot depended on whether the member was not an Other participant, rather than being an earner
  • progress-snapshot wasn't correctly updating when you switched members
  • Editing scouter should change current member
  • Last patch broke creole formatting of badge purpose/requirements
  • Misleading message text when trying to use “In Bulk” to mark previously-completed requirements as incomplete
  • SS-4967: Scorecarding wasn't updating correctly after a “In Bulk” or “Give Credit” update
  • SS-4969: Signup/Attendence totals weren't showing up in print-out
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