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Release 18.2 - Key Features

Multi-Section Events

There is now support for tracking participation for events that are run across multiple-Sections, e.g., an “All-Sections” Camp or Fundraiser, or a combined Colony A/B sleepover.

When an event organizer enables this for an event in their section, then ScoutsTracker creates a special “Master/Overview” event in their schedule. This augments the normal event that the organizers will used to record the signup/attendance/payment of their own members. Other sections will be able to subscribe to the “Master/Overview” event in order to record their own members' participation.

In the Master/Overview event, the organizers can now see how many Youth, Scouters and Guests/Other Participants will be attending from each Section, and provides a grand total. This lets the organizers know how many sites to book at the camp, or for how many people they have to buy food. These rollups are automatically updated as members sign up for the event in their respective Sections.

An event organizer can optionally require that Sections remit payment to them, if they are doing campsite booking or food purchasing on behalf of everyone attending. When this is enabled, each Section is always aware of what their remittance should be. Similarly, the organizer can see how much each Section must remit, and can track payments in the same way that you can track payments for individual youth.

Individual Sections are allowed to override the fees the organizers set for the event, to accommodate different payment policies (e.g., one Section has a “Scouters don't pay” event, or another heavily subsidizes events out of their fundraising account), but regardless, each Section is still shown the expected remittance based on the fees that the organizers set. E.g., the Group is still expecting $60 per member for the All-Sections camp, even if the Troop is only charging their youth $40.

The Master/Overview event also detects members who are signed up in multiple sections, and presents them (along with their respective sections) in a list so the organizers can alert the affected Sections and let the Sections sort it out between themselves. This is especially important when Sections must remit payment to you, because otherwise multiple Sections will be charged for the same member.

Limitations * The event organizers can see the signup numbers for each Section, but not alter them. Signup and Attendance taking is done within each section. * Remittances are recorded in the Master/Overview event, but it's up to the event organizer and the Section how to transfer money (e.g., does the Troop cut a cheque to the Group? Or does the Group Committee just record a transfer in the Group's books?) * There is no support for cross-Section RSVP emails (yet). Each group is responsible for recording their own sign up, including by sending out a Pack RSVP email.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Some Attendance worksheet controls weren't visible an hour before the event starts (when attendance tracking is enabled)
  • COMMITTEE: AAF: Better handling/text for Committee account events that need AAF's
  • COMMITTEE: NEWSFEED: Reach statistics alignment improved
  • NEWSFEED: If the banner/button URL is missing the protocol, prepend it
  • COMMITTEE, if no sections have a “grouping label”, then the divider label should read “All Sections” rather than “no label”
  • SS-4991: Message about transferee “is now a member of their new Section” can probably use “Pack” (or “Troop”) based on the selected/entered account key
  • Added a “Fetch Latest Roster” button
  • Minor improvements to the deprecated “Troop News” feature when the account is a Committee account
  • Changing visible other schedules automatically triggers a refetch
  • COMMITTEE: Cleaned up presentation of event signup to exclude other sections, since it is now much better handled in the new “Master/Overview” event

Bug Fixes

  • SS-4971: Import from MyScouts was broken in the last patch
  • SS-4973: Couldn't manually add member to roster, with login
  • SS-4996: Couldn't edit past personal events that had no attendees
  • NEWSFEED: Tweaked layout of event posts with left-aligned banner images
  • “Allow Guests” must be disabled for Cat 3 events, because of the need for parent/guardian consent and tracking on an AAF
  • COMMITTEE: Signup/attendance worksheet was showing sections' external ID
  • A “Schedule” | “Options” had a hard-coded reference to “Beavers”
  • SS-4997: Couldn't add parents to a non-outing email after just having view as Scouter-only event
  • PRINT: Zebra striping of signup/attendance worksheet was missing from some columns
  • SS-4993: Adding a login to a login-less Other Member was changing the member type to youth
  • SS-4993: No “Other Participants” included in pick list of a login's accessed members
  • “Account” | “Logins” wasn't including Other Participants
  • SS-4991: Cleaned up a couple of Transfer message errors/miscues when dealing with Scouters
  • SS-4992: Add a hint that you'll need to do a “Fetch Latest Roster” to see the transferred recipients
  • Fixed some bugs associated with re-getting members/logins (using cached values)
  • Fixed a bug associated with adding non-Group collaboration sections and then going to “Schedule” | “Options” | “Show other schedules”
  • Adding/removing members via “Account” | “Access granted by logins” wasn't updating the small count for each login in “Account” | “Logins”
  • SS-4492: Member transfer message was saying that transferred Scouter had no login, even though they did.
  • SS-5000: storm of update subscriptions when modifying a subscription event pushed out to hundreds of sections (e.g., about 1 per second)

Patch (2023-01-10)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • CALENDAR: Suppress subscribed event link for “important date” events
  • Deprecated support for “(Old) Troop News” from the code, and from the database
  • Dropped deprecated member columns relating to PersonContactDetail and PersonQualification tables

Bug Fixes

  • NEWSFEED: SS-5033: Event post button not taking you to event
  • SS-5018: Pushing an event can hang (debugging added)
  • SS-5029: NEWSFEED: HELLO: Go to News tab and you see multiple copies of the SC registration post
  • SS-5042: Bogus target subscriber outing key could torpedo a sync
  • SS-5044: RSVP: Email could be sent out with no RSVP if the only scouters in the recipient list were not eligible to attend the event
  • Unescaped apostrophe in preview of draft RSVP email

Patch (2023-01-23)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • COMMITTEE: Suppress showing the grouping select dropdown in reports, because it has no effect
  • Improve presentation of the “Participation” report
  • Annotate non-youth earners in ready-to-award and ready-to-demonstrate reports
  • Eliminated multiple database fetches when fetching RSVP status for dummy member when authoring emails
  • Ready-to-demonstrate should only include g_setActiveYouth, not active earners. I.e., it is the Troop's responsibility to assess Keeo's ready-to-demonstrate
  • INFO: Hide/comment out references to paying for ScoutsTracker
  • Move “MyScouts” into vocab
  • Deprecate “legacy lanyards” feature

Bug Fixes

  • COMMITTEE: Sections were showing up in the attendance and participation reports
  • Can't manually update youth Other Participants' badge progression
  • SS-5509: If you had a subscription to an event in a deleted account, sync was failing
  • SS-5065: “Only collect attendance” option wasn't hiding ineligible/NO signups, as promised; column alignment messed up
  • MULTIACCOUNT: Removed restriction re test server
  • MULTIACCOUNT: SS-5068: Master/overview events could show a count for “Youth” in Committee accounts, if there were legacy “signups”
  • SS-5071: Transferee wasn't getting the transfer notification, just the contact scouters in the target section
  • Don't let the user try to “Sign Me up!” works when in offline mode
  • INFO: Reference to “credit card” on info site
  • During the hour before event start, ticking any attendance would revert “only collect attendance” to false

Support Portal

  • Fixed bug in which first connection (no cookies) wasn't displaying any interfaces
  • Add a “Settings” tab, that lets a user change their support login
  • Be able to add/remove additional support users
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