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Release 18.3 - Key Features

Subscriber Override of Source Event Notes

Until this release, the Description and Scouter's Notes of the source event were not editable in any section that subscribed to the event.

This meant that any changes to the source event's Description (or Scouter's Notes) would be automatically propagated to all the Sections that had added that event to their own schedules.

But there was no mechanism to add Section-specific details (e.g., that the Venturers are showing up early to act as OOS before the younger sections arrive).

Similarly the source event's Transportation Plan was initially copied to any subscriber event, but then was assumed to be the problem of the subscribing Section, and as such was never updated as a result of any subsequent updates in the source event.

Now, all of Description, Scouter's Notes and the Transportation Plan can be amended or completely overridden.

Additionally, there is now the ability to define a default Transportation Plan that is used in all new events.

Advanced Settings Reorganization

  • Consolidated some of the event-related advanced settings
  • Add “Account” | “Youth-led programming” and add the ability to create events (from Schedule | Options) and “Allow youth to help manage the schedule”.
  • Moved Logins' “Is a default event contact person?” setting into “Account” | “Event defaults”
  • Ability to use default Transportation plan text (set in “Account” | “Event defaults”)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • “Schedule” | “Options” | “Show other schedules” should have a grouping-by selector
  • EMAIL: Improved non-delivery message when login is opted out but Mandrill didn't return a reason
  • EMAIL: Emails that use default template (e.g., Welcome Messages) now have better formatting, including the actual product header image and paragraph spacing
  • NEWSFEED: Background of event-based posts for cancelled events now switches to grey
  • Added additional logs for Copy Session Details

Bug Fixes

  • Prevented incorrect message about multi-section events when creating Personal events
  • Going to “needs approval” scouter says it's been initialized “Can see all records”. Should be “Can see everyone's basic information”
  • COMMITTEE: SS-5079: Clicking on “Schedule” | “Options” | “Show other schedules” could fail for some Council accounts
  • COMMITTEE: SS-5078: Couldn't import from MyScouts if the SC organization identifier contained quotation marks
  • COMMITTEE: HELLO: SS-5110: Updating the custom page wasn't doing anything
  • COMMITTEE: Doing a Reload from Server could cause exception if News Feed insignia was expected
  • COMMITTEE: SS-5079: Clicking on “Schedule” | “Options” | “Show other schedules” could fail for some Council accounts
  • RSVP: SS-5089: RSVP buttons were showing a date range even when it was just a one-day event
  • SS-5092: Bulk attendance update Save wasn't doing anything
  • SS-5103: Marking an account as (soft) inactive wasn't preventing someone from adding events to the schedule
  • AAF: Bridging behaviour of requiring that Cat 1 events no longer be approved is no longer required in email sent to GC
  • NEWSFEED: SS-5118: shouldn't show event-based posts for deleted events if the event no longer exists (or should show message)
  • SS-5126: Event emails not prepopulating with description
  • SS-4834: Post-import notification email was not listing Other Participants amongst the roster changes
  • ACCOUNT_OUTBOUND_EMAIL was misnamed in client code
  • SS-5516: Incorrect retrieval of carryover loginID
  • SS-4834: Red-herring report that all members were being modified by report

Patch (2023-02-17)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • INFO: Cleaned some references to no-longer-offered Personal Accounts
  • Reset the transportation plan every time you navigate to “Account” | “Event defaults” so you don't think unsaved default is actually being used
  • Restored styling for member name after page heading
  • “Master” <small> cleared when master is made inactive
  • Better hierarchy prompts when creating new accounts and editing Group details
  • COMMITTEE: Prevent the creation of Area accounts
  • COMMITTEE: Disable scorecarding for sectionYouth
  • When the server expires during a client session, retry login verifications with the new nonce
  • Miscellaneous tweaks to Merge conflict display/behaviour
  • Only default to “only collect signup” to NO if it's more than 24-hours before the event

Bug Fixes

  • SS-5136: FIREFOX: Incorrect message saying the account is locked
  • SS-5116: Failure to connect when you had login information stored in the session properties, but no authtoken
  • SS-5135: Failure to create new event after having set the default transporation plan
  • SS-5107: “Show IN/OUT Columns” option was missing in the hour before a non all-day event starts
  • “Account” | “Emergency listing” shows the “Only include event participants” option
  • SS-5149: Problems with resolving Scouter logins when one Scouter is the Group's master
  • EMAIL: Create a leader-only event, send email, Quick Pick lets you pick youth! (should be filtered by eligible/visibility). Ditto for Add non-rsvp'd recipients.

Patch (2023-02-25)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • “Account” | “Access granted by logins” (and “permissions” report) shows “Unknown” if login has no display name. Should show blank.
  • SS-5160: Deleting logins from “Account” | “Accessed granted by logins” leaves you on the report page
  • When you have some non-members eligible to attend an event (but not signed up), it doesn't show them in the view-event Sign Up List (or in the edit-event summary subtext)
  • EMBED: Improved foreground text colors on section swatches in embedded/shared calendars
  • Better color of lightbox border for embedded calendars (e.g., “fetching events” lightbox)
  • Tweaked position of “Close” on lightbox

Bug Fixes

  • EMAIL: SS-5512: Couldn't set/clear the account-wide Reply-To email address
  • INVENTORY: SS-5515: Once shared uniform elements were updated from section account, they were hidden from the uniform
  • OFFLINE: Launch offline, and go to “Account” | “Scouters”. Shows all scouters and having “No login”
  • COMMITTEE: EMBED: GC-assigned nickname wasn't being used in embedded calendar
  • COMMITTEE: Connect to account in “Other” Group or not official, and get not-aaf-ready dialog, click on “Public Profile” button to select a Group… but current Group name is missing
  • Member grouping option “by signup order” wasn't working correctly
  • LOGIN: Drill down to a leader Login, drill down on Leader, delete leader (restores you to Login page, try to Save, get assert
  • Youth has “can modify schedule”, went to “My Events”, clicked “Add”, then clicked “next” without selecting any labels. Didn't see explanation dialog.
  • Avoid NPE when cleaning subscriptions to deleted events
  • Minor logic error when preselecting default login choices during scouter merge
  • pioneercp badge image didn't have transparent background
  • Winter camp attribute icon background is not fully transparent
  • SS-4350: Connect to /hello website, click on event, you see an (empty) “Email History” link
  • COLONY: SS-4461: Canadian Path Link Badge was missing from “Home” | “Other”
  • SS-3911: Weird scaling on signup/attendance worksheet (SC Member #, and first aid quals) when printed

Patch (2023-03-10)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Much better defaulting of login name (takes into account accessed members)
  • Better default Welcome Message text (takes into account accessed members and whether the login is parent login)
  • “My login” now shows new-autogenerated display name
  • Recreate getLoginName on the server, for use with signing in
  • Moved “Dragon Quest” to list of past challenges, added stub for “Scout Trek”
  • Added helpful tips to event's label picker
  • Added preliminary (mock-up) support for the upcoming Scout Trek Challenge

Bug Fixes

  • SIGNUP: SS-5177: The reference the count of other youth signups for parent/youth logins was missing
  • LOGIN: SS-5179: Javascript error on connection
  • EMAIL: SS-5165: Upon fresh login, you were falsely being claiming you werent't authorised to send emails
  • SS-5188: No Deadline option for a group event plus strange description issue
  • Shared/Embedded link to event just lists related badges (but doesn't list actual requirements)

Patch (2023-03-29)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Added an “Events that need attention” section on homepage
  • Improved presentation of “Logins to Other Section Levels”
  • Better handling/messaging of invalid section keys when setting up collaboration
  • MULTIACCOUNT: Can now get Emergency Listing for master/overview events, showing all sections' signups
  • SS-5235: Default Javascript sort has uses localeCompare
  • SS-5233: Added ability to modify Program Cycle, Program Area, and Map Locations in subscribed events

Bug Fixes

  • SS-5199: Welcome Message was trying to send to email address “unknown”
  • SS-5200: Welcome Message was not using custom message
  • SS-5199: Welcome Messages to scouters were using “Hello Unknown” as the greeting
  • Youth/Parent view of past event was showing always no attendees
  • CONSENT: SS-5187: Parents can't complete consent after the signup deadline (they can via RSVP, but not when signed into ScoutsTracker, Scouters *can* already do this)
  • SS-5206: Couldn't select count drop down after selecting a label
  • SS-5208: Silent error trying to import “Other Participant” via Role ID
  • NEWSFEED: SS-5213: position of above-the-body banner images in event-based posts where the event has a manually-added banner (rather than an event crest) were too small
  • INVENTORY: SS-5212: Shared custom inventory items weren't showing the name in the section accounts
  • SS-5229: Deleted members with home keys that pointed to themselves caused an endless recursion

Patch (2023-04-18)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Get rid of version 18 tip
  • QUALS: “Manage list of qualifications” sorting/display is improvement
  • AAF: Add “U18” beside names of under-18 scouters

Bug Fixes

  • COVID: SS-5239: Checkbox enabling of “Finalize Anyway” button was reversed
  • SS-5238: Give Credit wasn't highlighting previously-credited requirements
  • SS-5261: Youth were being set to unassigned patrol after adding login
  • SS-5236: Signup deadline is 12pm on the signup deadline day. Should use isSignupDeadlinePast() method that uses 23:59:59
  • SS-5271: Typo in instruction prompt
  • Scouters who had opted out of Troop emails had a “null” subtext in default outing contacts and signup notifications pickers
  • SS-5272: Quals: Setting an “equivalent ID” for a qual in a different category meant it wasn't being shown/counted
  • Cleaned up some mis-migrated newsfeed posts from the old “Troop News” that was preventing them from being further edited
  • No calendar swatches were shown when viewing “Other Schedules” was enabled by you had no collaboration (other than the official Council/National accounts)
  • NEWSFEED: SS-5277: Posts about Council events weren't showing up in Section News Feeds
  • #edit-post header page title used wrong CSS

Patch (2023-05-03)

Unconfirmed (i.e., Tentative) Events

You can flag an event as being “unconfirmed” when creating it.

Similarly, when pushing an event to your sections from a Committee account, you're given the opportunity to flag it as unconfirmed in the target sections if you're not sure whether the target section actually wants to expose the event to their members. This is a cleaner solution than using the event “visibility” to accomplish the same end.

Youth without the “Can manage schedule” have always been able to create “Personal” events, but are now also able to create unconfirmed events (that the section leadership team can see that they have to confirm).

Unconfirmed events are clearly highlighted as such, and are only visible to logins with the “Can manage the schedule” permission (and the event creator)

As long as an event is unconfirmed, you can't record signup/attendance, or create AAFs, or send emails/create posts for it.

When viewing an unconfirmed event, there's a “Confirm” action item that will remove the “unconfirmed” flag, making it immediately visible and usable by the target members.

Minor enhancement: searching for an cancelled or unconfirmed event now shows “(CANCELLED)” or “(UNCONFIRMED)” in the same font color as used elsewhere

Miscellaneous Enhancments

  • Log “syncid” on server for debugging
  • Youth members can see/edit outings for which they are listed as outing contacts
  • NEWSFEED: Set height of event-based post to show entire outing-overview
  • NEWSFEED: Allow people with “Can send emails” to see/edit recently-expired posts in the archive
  • Search now looks through the text of notes for PAB's
  • Better stack trace generation when hitting window.onerror

Bug Fixes

  • HELLO: SS-5284: Calendar is blank
  • Prototype getStartOfDayTimestamp wasn't implemented correctly
  • NEWSFEED: Posts not showing when you launch in offline mode
  • NEWSFEED: SS-5527: Event-based posts from a Committee account were not showing their event overview
  • Wired off test for program costs when saving events, if program costs not supported
  • EMBEDDED: SS-5288: Calendar is blank
  • SS-5293: “Final requirements” logic wasn't working in the Ready-to-Demonstrate report
  • Fixed a number of issues with Special Awards
  • When searching matches a special award, clicking on the search result wasn't correctly switching youth
  • COMMITTEE: Connected account that wasn't AAF-ready, went to “Get Set Up” | “Go to Public Profile” and there is a checkbox “This is the official account of this Cubs” checkbox
  • COMMITTEE: Upon first viewing of schedule, “show other schedules” event were showing up even if the option was disabled
  • The unannotated collab name was being shown when viewing an event from another schedule
  • SS-5277: End date of event-based posts aren't correct if the underlying event is rescheduled
  • EMAIL: SS-5265: Better handling of situations when event's payment list is missing

Patch (2023-05-11)

Non Participants / Default Event Eligibility

  • Scouter option “Participates in events” has been replaced by “Default event eligibility”, which is now also an option for Youth and Other Participants
  • Signup option “Show other participants”, has been replaced by collapsable dividers

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Support the new “Scout Trek” Seasonal Challenge
  • Updated references to “Queen's Venturer” to use “King's Venturer”
  • SS-5307: “Sign Me Up!” button has been replaced by “RSVP”
  • SS-5309: Improved default wording of welcome messages
  • When viewing an event, the entire signup/attendance section should be hidden for “unconfirmed” events

Bug Fixes

  • SS-5311: Exception when deleting a multi-account event that has no subscribers
  • SS-5309: Welcome message said “Hello unknown” if you created a new login for an existing youth
  • SS-5310: VEvent can contain (some) HTML named character entities
  • SS-5313: Extent of multi-day events wasn't being shown on calendar (since last patch)
  • SS-5312: Merging members who were signed up for multi-section events were resulting in the rollups in the Committee account being slightly too high
  • Check for members signed up in multiple sections for multi-section events wasn't considering that they could be deleted

Patch (2023-05-25)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • RSVP: SS-5304: Better handling of RSVP's sent to two-deep scouters who aren't eligible to attend
  • SS-5332: Minor tweaks to date formatting in emails

Bug Fixes

  • SS-5329: CSS broken when printing Emergency List
  • SS-5334: Hard-to-select label count drop down when doing per-member attendance overrides
  • SS-5339: Scouters not included in the Attendance report
  • History reports were claiming that manually awarded Transactions/Tallies were associated with an event
  • SS-5338: Signup notes not being cleared between signups
  • SS-5327: Member consent forms not correctly updated with new member ID during merge
  • AAF: SS-5327: Link to member consent form for deleted (e.g., merged) member goes to invalid URL
  • AAF: SS-5327: Back-migrated deleted (e.g., merged) members in old consent forms and AAF's
  • AAF: SS-5327: AAF doesn't list SC Member # for deleted (e.g., merged) members

Patch (2023-06-19)

Non-Scouting Events

You've always been able to record youth's personal non-Scouting activities (e.g., family camping trip, individual community service) by adding an event to the section calendar, and changing the event's visibility to “Personal”. But Personal events are also sometimes Scouting activities, e.g., helping out with younger sections' events will automatically create a corresponding personal event in the youth leader's home section.

The challenge was for non-Scouting events like a family camping trip, those personal events were still unnecessarily triggering warnings in ScoutsTracker about incomplete Risk Management (e.g., no Scouter-in-Charge, no AAF, insufficient first aiders, etc.).

To eliminate these false warnings, there is now an explicit “This is a Scouting event” toggle (defaults to YES) that can optionally be switched to NO for Personal events. This will suppress all Risk Management settings. Note this only applies to Personal event. If an an event has “Everyone” or “Scouter-only” visibility, then it is always implicitly a Scouting event, and R isk Management applies.

As part of this implementation, the text surrounding “Personal” event visibility has been improved.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Remember the user's previous choice of “Show event description” when printing signup/attendance sheets
  • When “Schedule” | “Options” | “Show personal events” is NO, then I shouldn't insert AAF Submission reminders
  • SS-5357: Now a method of showing/hiding payment columns when generating signup/attendance printouts

Bug Fixes

  • Minor typo in Quick Fix message box
  • SS-5348: Having a higher level custom qual (e.g., SFA Instructor) wasn't being recognized if it only granted the lowest equivalent (e.g., “SFA”)
  • SS-5352: It was possible to have EmailBlacklist unsubscribes without corresponding UsernameOptIn records
  • SS-5368: Logic and usability errors associated with “Events Needing Attention” (now “Events of Interest”)
  • SS-5222: Changes to fees weren't being reflected in the per-member overrides until you'd left the previous page
  • SS-5382: Incorrect parsing of the link to verify an account-wide Reply-To address

Patch (2023-07-04)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Annual report, Attendance and Payment reports now include inactive members who were active during the selected year

Bug Fixes

  • SS-5384: Other Participants with invalid role ID's were being excluded from signup lists
  • SS-5381: Inactive Other Participants were being included in signup/attendance totals in event overview, but not listed
  • SS-5395: Annual report was including Master/Overview events
  • SS-5395: Annual report was including badges awarded to youth by scouters in other sections, or non-youth earners
  • SS-5399: Updated license time bomb to accommodate renewed license
  • SS-5287: Email invites weren't waiting in “Account” | “Collaboration” | “Organizations”, as promised in the notification email

Patch (2023-08-28)

Import from MyScouts

A variety of bug fixes and tweaks relating to importing rosters, most notably the ability to import CSV files.

  • IMPORT: SS-5437: Group-wide imports of unpopulated sections could time out
  • IMPORT: Suspend syncing while doing import from MyScouts, so the progress bar doesn't get dismissed
  • IMPORT: Better text when an import fails (e.g., due to a timeout)
  • IMPORT: Now support CSV format (RFC4180)

Deprecating Areas

Areas were eliminated from the Scouts Canada organizational hierarchy a few years ago, but persisted in ScoutsTracker. The absence of Areas means that some UI changes had to be implemented to prevent creation of Area-level accounts, and to make it easier to find/select the desired Group from the now-large number of Groups within a Council.

  • COMMITTEE: Restrict third-party create to official Group-level accounts
  • COMMITTEE: Wire off creating more Council accounts. Can be left as a support exercise if someone really needs a non-official Council account.
  • COMMITTEE: Clean up references to “Area” where Area accounts can't be created
  • Added “search for” box above the list of Groups (which can get quite large)
  • Sort Groups by Group name, then number. E.g., “1st Muddy Paw, 9th Muddy Paw, 2nd Rubber Boot, 9th Rubber Boot”.
  • ADMIN: Implement an “collapseArea” method

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Removed legacy migration code
  • Moved a bunch of the start up tips to auto-generated news feed posts
  • COMMITTEE: Tweaked welcome message wording for Committee Members
  • SS-5458: COMMITTEE: Group committee accounts weren't seeing Council events
  • Implement an “add/replace GC” method

Bug Fixes

  • SS-5419: Paddling Skills 3 number of expeditions wasn't being automatically added as related requirement for events with Paddle Expedition label
  • SS-5428: Parents couldn't click on Parent/Guardian Consent link in list view for events who's deadline had already passed
  • Scouter role tags weren't showing on most lists
  • SS-5456: Some instances of login where account-wide reply-to address wasn't overriding login-specific reply-to address
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