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Release 19.1 - Key Features

Payment History (with Notes)

Historically, you only had the ability to record a single payment per member for any event. When you edited it, the new value actually replaced the old value, effectively only ever recording the last balance, rather than seeing the history of the payments.

You now have the ability to record multiple payments/remittances per event. I.e., you can record that a member paid $40, and then paid another $20 a week later, and then was refunded the entire $60.

Additionally you can now specify the purpose/type of each entry in the payment history. In addition to the basic fee payment/refund, you can also specify that an amount is a categorized expense. E.g., you can record that a member spent $160 on Food or Facilities Rental or Accommodation or Gas/Transportation, etc. There are some pre-defined categories, but you're free to type in whatever text you want.

One of the entry types is called “Write off”. If a member quits and leaves you saddled with unpaid amounts, you can now add a write-off entry that will reduce their balance (and that of the event) to zero. You can add these in bulk, by doing “Zero all balances” for a specific member or your entire section… i.e., it adds a “write-off” entry to a member's payment history for each member/outing that has a non-zero balance.

All payment history entries can have notes. E.g., you can describe that a payment was received by cash or cheque or e-transfer, or explain the an expense was for “Craft supplies”. It's just a field that you can use to record whatever you feel is important.

This new payment history also applies to remittances recorded for sections participating in multi-section events.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • BUCKETLIST: Use descendants info to suggest next steps for each OAS req
  • BUCKETLIST: add personal/troop notes to bucket list tree
  • Streamlined/guided Help interface
  • Confirmation lightboxes have labelClose default to “Cancel” when defaultChoice is null
  • When a section only has default collab names, come up with a better swatch label than “1st Muddy Paw - Cubs” when it really could just be “Cubs” * Outing Contact picker should display Scout/Parents: getLoginName, with email address as subtext, Scouters: not all email addresses?
  • SS-5578: When “Is excluded from Troop emails” conflicts with being a default contact for events, side with “Is excluded”
  • ADMIN: Need to provide external_id and display_name in renameGroup support method
  • ADMIN: Change add Group to use Council Drop down
  • Added “Zero all Balances” for a single member (via “Reports” | “Amounts Owing”)

Bug Fixes

  • Default signup notification recipients count was wrong until you actually drilled down to that page
  • Close button link (black) was showing up on lightboxes that had canClose set to false, and no closeLabel
  • Couldn't select logins as outing contacts that had apostrophes in the generated login name
  • Login pickers weren't being rebuilt after a change via “Account” | “Access granted by login”
  • SS-5777: Changing JUST a member's patrol isn't being detected as a diff, so Save isn't doing anything (deepEquals isNaN logic error)
  • TRAINING: If follow-on skills all belong to the same two areas, then the dividers aren't shown (correct), but the topic is listed twice (confusing)
  • TRAINING: SS-5781: Various training tweaks
  • SS-5785: Attachments (appearing) not being added

Patch (2024-01-05)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Smarter about avoiding redundant section nicknames (i.e., where it's effectively the same as the person's real name)
  • “Manage Signups” button was hidden for finalized events that had been moved into the future
  • NEWSFEED: Don't display any of the account setup notes until the roster has been processed

Bug Fixes

  • PAYMENT: Editing a payment changes the date
  • PAYMENT: Deposit payments weren't getting flagged as such
  • PAYMENT: Funny alignment in last summary row of signup/attendance table
  • SS-5795: Signup notes were appearing to have disappeared after editing payments
  • SS-5796: Ready-to-Award report showing already-awarded badges
  • TRAINING: Should copy ProgressTraining records when a user changes their login
  • SS-5805: Using RSVP emails wasn't automatically flagging master/overview events for synchronization, so it would appear that the numbers were incorrect
  • Master/overview rollups were including signups for now-inactive members
  • HELLO: SS-5806: Can't add attachments to the extra page
  • HELLO: Previously-written notes weren't being populated in the editor
  • ProgressNotes have memberID = -1 stored, instead of 0

Patch (2024-01-29)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Flag members who aren't in the most recent import from MyScouts
  • Fixed alignment in first column of some tables
  • Added ReadOnly database sessions to help track down StaleStateExceptions

Bug Fixes

  • SS-5817: It was possible to send event-based emails before an event had been successfully uploaded to the server
  • TRAINING: Queued trainings weren't being shown in “Account” | “Queued updates”
  • SS-5820: Missing person ID was breaking synchronization
  • Prevent committing to untransaction session when RSVP to a multi-section event subscription
  • Fixed an endless loop when the user tries to reference a link to a specific event or badge for an account that no longer exists
  • SS-5825: Avoid a situation where a Scouter could be converted to a youth record
  • SS-5828: A “Show other schedules” reference to a now-deleted account was preventing the schedule from showing
  • Found lingering reference to “Queen's Venturer”
  • Malformed phone numbers could prevent Merge conflicts to be resolved
  • SS-5584: Couldn't open link to some embedded badges (e.g., pabscience_pack)
  • SS-5857: Certain data anomolies could grind the browser to a halt
  • SS-5860: If your password got reset to uninitialized while after you'd signed in, you couldn't pick a Security PIN

Patch (2024-02-07)

"Sasquatch Seekers" Seasonal Challenge

  • Added support for “Sasquatch Seekers” seasonal challenge

Bug Fixes

  • SS-5820: Couldn't send emails
  • SS-5873: Clicking on “Import from MyScouts” didn't work after signing out&in
  • COMMITTEE, IMPORT: Import from MyScouts was suggesting that sections could be deactivated
  • SS-5877: Username authentication records with updatedon timestamps of zero were incorrectly assumed to be uninitialized
  • Logging out was scrubbing the Custom recipient lists from local memory, and so a subsequent login (same session) no longer displayed the lists
  • Caught “hidden” exception that was preventing closure of a database session
  • SS-5580: Couldn't re-edit payments if the only payment was a write-off, and then the per-member override was set to zero
  • SS-5580: (Unconfirmed) sometimes editing perm-member fee overrides wouldn't tick checkbox when clicking on the row
  • SS_5875: You could record a new member payment and then navigate away without getting a warning that unsaved changes would be discarded
  • Editing reactivated members was prompting to save/cancel if you navigated away, even if you didn't make any changes
  • SS-5886: Reactivating U18 scouter doesn't pull down their badge progression (until next Reload from Server / Quick Fix)
  • Duplicate Inventory items could result in no apparent change when (un)awarding badges, and then doing a Reload from Server
  • SS-5888: Changing the awarded date of a badge was decrementing the inventory

Patch (2024-02-22)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • SCHEMA: Migrated event ID to a 48-bit RID, to avoid conflicts
  • SCHEMA: Cleaned up references to deprecated outing.payments, outing.deposits, and outing.remittances, and dropped deprecated OutingMemberDeposit table
  • Prevent pushing of events that haven't been saved, yet
  • Added method to resolve conflicting outing ID's

Bug Fixes

  • “Reports” | “Attendance” logic determining who was listed in the report was a little bit wrong for formerly-active members
  • Trying to compose an email for an event that you haven't edited in the current session and when your roster grouping is “By signup order” was failing
  • When a youth has no awarded badges, and they click on “Change” (status) for any badge, the “Awarded” checkbox is ticked
  • SS-5904: when support logins create accounts, they have is_publiccontact and is_admincontact enabled

Patch (2024-04-16)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Schema change to add ledger ID's, and switch over from event-bound payments
  • SS-5950: Disable electronic submission of Parent/Guardian Consent for events involving out-of-country travel
  • SS-5950: Include extra witness lines in pre-filled (printable) form for events involving out-of-country travel
  • SS-5959: Image picker for Special Awards now includes all inventory items
  • Give Credit shouldn't show req numbers in cells
  • Put in protections to prevent someone from navigating away from unsaved payment changes
  • SS-5947: Improved wording about updating photo consent in MyScouts
  • Saving a leader login was unnecessarily setting the display_name of leaders

Bug Fixes

  • SS-5918: Members who are default ineligible, but marked as eligible for a particular event, broke the multi-event signup report when that event was selected
  • SS-5918: Multi-event owing report was broken
  • Avoid setting current user ID to 0, use -1 instead
  • Fixed some ASSERT issues on server
  • SS-5941: Overridden labels' attributes weren't being downloaded during sync
  • SS-5941: In Bulk edits weren't sticking for tally requirements
  • When giving credit, clicking “All” shouldn't mark as complete or update tally if the overridden label doesn't meet the min requirements for the auto-linked req
  • During a Quick Fix or Reload from Server, the Prompt to abandon updates was being ignored
  • SS-5951: If you search for something, then clear the text, then a sync happens, you get a “you must provide a search term”
  • HELLO: SS-5956: Couldn't load calendar when there were postmortem notes
  • SS-5958: Parents weren't seeing the event payments that had been recorded for them
  • CONSENT: SS-5950: Reopening a Parent/Guardian Consent Form wasn't updating the event info (date, location, etc.)
  • CONSENT: CREW: SS-6006: Parent/Guardian Consent was still wired off for testing
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