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Release 2.5 - Key Features

Internet Explorer Support

It's been tested with IE8 and IE9. Both offer the same experience you've become accustomed to in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Because of IE8's limited support for styling, some minor visual effects (basically, eye candy) like rounded borders and shadows are missing. So although IE8 version will look a teensy bit “blockier”, it will behave identically and fundamentally look the same as in all the other supported browser.

IE7 simply lacks the technical capability to run this application, and can't be supported.

Program Changes

The World Scout Environment Award and Climate Change Badge have been released. To support this international initiative, Scouts Canada has also revised (slightly) a number of existing badges to reflect the increased focus on climate change. The changes to existing badges do not add or remove requirements, they just tweak the wording (e.g., by adding “and explain how this reduces carbon emissions”). I also added notes to the World Conservation Awards explaining the phase-out strategy.

Added the World Scout Environment Award and the Climate Change Badge to the Pack Edition (in the “Natural World” category). This also required updating the Recycling Badge, the Home Repair Badge, the Cyclist Badge, and the Family Helper Badge to conform to the latest changes.

Added the World Scout Environment Award and Climate Change Badge to the Troop Edition. This also required updating the Recycling Badge, the Home Repair Badge, and the Chief Scout's Award.

Completion Reports

Improved ordering of choices of badges/awards for 'Completion' report, so the reports you are most likely to want to see are at the top of the list.

Reports now included bookmarked and ready-to-test statuses for the youth, so you can see what you've flagged for the youth, or what they think they ready to test on.

Added Voyageur-Level and Pathfinder-Level Activity Badges Combo reports to the Troop Edition. This lets you see how the whole troop is progressing with respect to the four activity badges, and definitely helps with program planning.

Added support for printing of reports.

Miscellaneous User Interface Tweaks

Web users can click next/prev links to cycle through badges. iPhone/iPod users already had the ability to swipe, so this brings a complementary capability to the desktop user.

You can now create a login account at the same time you create a youth record (used to have to be done as two separate steps)

Improved appearance/colour scheme for both Pack and Troop.

Bug Fixes

  • Youth weren't organized into patrols on initial log
  • Hang during loading on re-installs
  • Continually repeating “intermittent connectivity” message when offline
  • hanging youth from sidebar doesn't refresh badge-details checkmarks
  • Marking requirements as complete wasn't automatically refreshing revisted 'Completion' report
  • Minor sizing issue when first started on an iPad
  • You could login even if there were no youth associated with a login
  • “sync in progress…” message sometimes didn't dismiss for 30 seconds
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