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Release 3.10 - Key Features

Network Connectivity Errors

Many of you reported periods in which you would be repeatedly thrown “off-line”. The issue appears to been a configuration problem in the web server software, which was addressed by increasing the size of the thread pool.

"Disappearing" Events

A logic bug allowed some events to be saved to the database with an illegal timestamp. This prevented them from being downloaded again, with the result that, for all intents, they had disappeared! The logic bug has been fixed, and the illegal timestamp has been updated in the database, so you ought to see any missing events again, the next time you connect.

Post-Camp Workflow

A number of you had assumed that when an event passed, that the app would automatically mark all the related requirements as complete. This isn't the right thing to do in many cases, but it did highlight that there was the need for better workflow around “doing the paperwork” after an event. So now, as soon as event has passed, it is highlighted as needing attention until you manually “close” the event. This is done in the “Related Badges” section of an event, where you can either mark everything as complete in one fell swoop, or go into each badge where you'll find the related requirements highlighted both in the badge description and in the “In Bulk” editor.

The goal is to flag you what might need to mark as complete until you're confident that you've given the right youth credit for everything they did, and then give you a way to “close” the event to remove further reminder flags.

Additionally, you can now set a date when using the Ready-to-Award report.

Calendar View

A number of you asked for a (printable) calendar view that showed all of the upcoming events. So this in now an option on page “Schedule” (you can either view the events as a calendar, or list). Clicking on an event in the calendar will take you to the event details. Clicking on a blank day will open up the edit dialog for a new event on that day.

Additionally, you can now flag events as “shared with parents/youth”. This means if you're still working out the details of an event, you can just un-toggle the “shared” setting. Leaders can still see the events, but they'll be highlighted as “not shared” so you can easily figure out what you need to eventually communicate to the youth/parents.

You can also now embed your calendar in your website! From “Accounts” | “Preferences” you'll be able to find a snippet of HTML that you can copy-and-paste into your website. This will created an calendar that shows only your sections' events, and doesn't require that a user sign in. Because no sign-in is required, all youth information is hidden when using the embedded calendar.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • “Fundraising” label has been added to help distinguish your various events
  • PACK: “Spring/Fall” and “Summer” have been added as attributes to hikes and camps.
  • TROOP: Added the new Scuba and Geocaching specialty badges.
  • TROOP: clarified that the YRC segments are found under the Voyageur/Pathfinder achievements
  • Show date range (instead of just start date) in Schedule for overnight events
  • Increased # of youth per section to 45
  • Look through “Leaders' Notes” when doing a search (leaders only)

Miscellaneous Bugs

  • You could end up with no event labels or attributes to pick from after a network error
  • Changing the awarded date of a badge didn't actually change it!
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