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Release 3.5 - Key Features


  • The initial synchronization now screams along at 10x faster
  • Scorecarding of youth is about 2x faster
  • Scorecarding results are cached, so that you don't need scorecard every time you launch the app.
  • Better resilience to intermittent network outages (“sync error”)


  • Track the contents of your badge box!
  • Inventory automatically updated as you award badges
  • Set badge-specific re-order points
  • Tracks non-program items, like Group/Area/Council insignia
  • Convenient, printable “Shopping List” report shows recommended purchases based on current stock AND demand

Event Cost Tracking

  • Record the cost (total and program-related) for each event
  • Auto-generation of tax receipt will be possible for next year
  • 'Add' button in the upper right of event lists so you don't have to scroll to the end of the list
  • Improved usability of event youth picker and participation overriding
  • Completion report now has tooltips showing individual requirement text, so you don't have drill down to find out what a particular requirement entails
  • Completion report is scrollable when required
  • More useful implementation of the lanyard completion reports

Bug Fixes

  • A variety of reported and reported bugs
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