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Release 4.1 - Key Features

Tallied Requirements!

Requirements that are counted (e.g., number of environmental projects, the hours of community service, the nights of winter camping, the number of 2-night lightweight camps, etc.) now have a tally associated with them, for each youth. The tally can be increased manually (from the floaty), or can be done (semi-)automatically when an event completes. I.e., if you hold a 2-night fall camp, after the fact you can give each youth credit for their participation, with only a couple of clicks. And if that credit increases a youth's tally to the criteria set for the requirement, then the requirement will become complete. I.e., no more scanning through the events to find out if the youth has done enough community service, or hiked enough times, etc!

Smarter auto-linking of Related Requirements: previously, when you said that an event was a camp, it would automatically list a bunch of events as related requirements, even if the event wasn't really appropriate. For example, any (Scout) camp would cause V.OS #1, P.OS #1 and Advanced Tripping #1 to be added as related requirements. Now, P.OS #1b and Advanced Tripping #1a would only be related if it were a lightweight camp, and Advanced Tripping #1b would only be related if it were a 3-day lightweight camp, etc.

Easier updating of an event's related requirements: the column headers in the “In Bulk” editor can be clicked to update the entire column (but only for the event participants), and will show you how the requirements will be updated for each youth. I.e., for requirements that are normal click-to-complete, there will be a checkmark, but for the new tallied requirements, they'll show “+4h” or “+1n”, as appropriate.

In Bulk editing from the “Completion Report”: while this was possible before, when editing you can now give a context of a particular event, which will show you all the requirements that were related to the event (which you can then select, as per above).

In Bulk editing now lets you uncheck requirements. If you inadvertently checked off Blue Star #B2 for the whole pack (when you really meant #B3), you can just as easily uncheck it.

The old “Multi-Select” interface accessible from the floaty has been removed, as its functionality is now fully provided through the “In Bulk” editor.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Configurable start date. Some groups start their new year an the end of August, and others try to squeeze an early camp in. So the date currently defaults to Aug 15th, but if you want to change that, just give me an email.

Simplified “set default meeting” text.

Performance improvements during scorecarding. Probably only noticeable for sections using CubSys/ScoutSys badge variants

Added new Scout and Cub slides to inventory.

Bug Fixes

  • Changing the badge awarded date for a youth caused all that youth's badges to appear in the “Ready to Award” report!
  • “Ready to Award” report was showing date picker, even if no badges were listed.
  • Youth overrides were also being displayed after Leaders in event summary.
  • PACK: World Citizen #2c completion logic was giving misleading percentage complete.
  • COMPANY: typos in badge requirements.
  • Ready-to-test subrequirements were not being cleared when the parent req was completed.
  • Ready-to-test optional requirements were not being cleared when the badge was complete.
  • If there are no upcoming events, and you toggled from calendar to list view, you couldn't get back to the calendar
  • Couldn't copy embedded HTML snippets.
  • Various iPhone rendering tweaks.
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