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Release 4.3 - Key Features

Multiple Uniform Support

Youth now have a setting that indicates whether they are still wearing the tan shirt, or the new uniforms. This then changes what image the youth sees when looking at a badge details. You can change a youth's uniform by going to “Account” | “Cubs/Scouts/Ventures” and you'll find a uniform toggle option.

It also means that the inventory management now supports both new and old badges. If your troop is entirely new uniform or entirely old, you won't notice any difference, but for the majority of sections who have a mix, you'll now be able to manage your inventory counts separately.

Some uniform elements are being deprecated, so if your troop (for example) is all using the new uniform, you won't find any mentions of lanyards.

Multiple uniform support also show up in the youths' Personal Record Sheets.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • PACK: added Geocaching specialty badge. Contact me if you want the Cubs in your section to be able to see this badge.
  • Awarding badge via status “Change” button now asks for confirmation if the reqs aren't all complete
  • Initial sync tweak that will improve performance for sections with large numbers of outings
  • Select all youth when clicking on header of event that has no participants
  • “About” page now has links to Terms of Service Agreement, and Privacy Policy

Bug Fixes

  • Chrome/Safari: some blank checkboxes (e.g., P.OS #2) weren't displaying
  • IE8: worked around the lack of support for indexOf in arrays (resulting in hanging on “Connecting….”)
  • Sync message was briefly showing up after any change to an event
  • Checking '+' in Bulk Editor column headers (e.g., for P.OS#7) had no effect
  • Couldn't click on status “Change” button after drilling through from another badge

Patch 4.3.1 (2011-11-22)

Bug Fixes

  • IE8: a couple of bugs

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Includes the Link badges as earnable items
  • COMPANY: includes new WSEA requirements
  • New/Old uniform indicators in Ready-to-Award report
  • More user-friendly interface when you enter the wrong password
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