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Release 4.5 - Key Features

Personal Accounts

There is now a free “Personal Account”. This is for youth/parents in sections whose scouters prefer their old paper or spreadsheet method of record-keeping. In many ways, it is similar to the “Private” mode that was offered in previous versions, except that a Personal Account lets you track up to two youth, and stores the records on the server. This means that you can access those records from any device, and of course, they are fully backed up.

When you create a free Personal Account, it is pre-populated with any existing “Private” records. The flip side is that you can now no longer edit any records unless you are signed in, but with the new free Personal Account and automatic import of existing records, this isn't a loss.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • By default, the default URL is no longer cached. This eliminates the “Hey, the app is stuck on updating…” complaint that happens for some users (browser application Caching is an incomplete art!) Now, if you want to use the app off-line at a camp or in a meeting, you'll first have to have flipped a switch under “Account” | “Synchronization” that will give you a new URL to browse to.
  • There are now new preferences. Any section can now optionally include Specialty badges (“Account” | “Advanced”), and any Troop can now optionally identify themselves as Sea Scouts.
  • Presence has tooltips over the green/orange/grey icons that indicate when a login last accessed your section's records (green=today, orange=this week, grey=not in the last week)
  • Printing off a calendar now shows the section (useful for households with youth in different sections!). The calendar also now stays on the selected month when navigating BACK to it from event details.
  • Shopping List now allows you to optionally group by new/old uniform. Some Scout Shops have the new/old badges mixed together in little boxes and some separate them into different shelves.
  • “My Path” report now shows glyphs for bookmarked, ready, or scheduled requirements.
  • You can now change the currently selected scout from the floaty popup when marking off requirements as complete.
  • Links that take you off the site have an 'external' glyph, like wikipedia

Bug Fixes

  • Suppress unnecessary sync progress bar for event creation and deletion
  • PACK: several reqs that should've been linked to hiking activities weren't
  • TROOP: Winter Scouting #1 was not correctly broken down into subrequirements
  • COMPANY: embedded calendar wasn't working in IE8
  • App incorrectly allowed you to try and set a subreq'd requirement as a related requirement
  • Youth # of logins was including inactive logins
  • CHROME: fixed the blocky font in toolbar buttons
  • Got rid of extraneous page-break in printed record sheets
  • Login of account creator always listed as email address, instead of the Leader's display name
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