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Release 5.4 - Key Features

Moving Up/Transferring Youth

Just in time for the end of the year, you can now move up youth to the next Section. Under “Account” | “Advanced” you'll find a unique migration key. If the destination Section Leader is okay with accepting your youth into their account, they can give you their migration key,

You can then drill down to the youth in your Section and under “Status” you'll find “Move Up” and “Transfer” buttons that will prompt you for the destination Section's migration key.

When a youth is Moved Up, an entry is created for them in the destination Section, and all the login information is appropriately copied so youth and parents can continue to access their records in the new Section.

When a youth is Transferred (e.g., Pack to Pack, or Troop to Troop), all the badge details (requirement, tallies, bookmarks, notes, etc.) and login information are handed over to the new Section. The only thing that isn't transferred is the event participation.

Whenever a youth is either moved up or transferred, an email sent to both section leaders.

Part and parcel with migrating youth is an extended set of statuses for the youth. Instead of just being “Inactive”, they can now be “Inactive - Moved Up”, “Inactive - Transferred”, or “Inactive - Withdrawn”.

Usability Enhancements to Tallies

Now when you do “In Bulk” editing of badge requirements, you'll see the youths actual tallies (e.g., how many nights have they completed towards their Outdoor Skills badge).

Furthermore, clicking on any tally cell will now let you edit its value… you can specify either the increment, or the the new total.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • The “Completion” report now has a “show upcoming” that you can toggle on/off to see/not see markers indicating what requirements will be addressed in upcoming events
  • A new “Planning” label has been added to let you designate GC meetings, Program Planning nights, etc.
  • PACK: added a “Six Points” badge for tracking Six performance/participation
  • Configurable Start of Week (Sunday/Monday)

Bug Fixes

- Important dates no longer show up in the list of related events in the In Bulk editor - License key check is now case-insensitive - PACK: missing specialty badges for old uniforms - Embedding a schedule in the website could fail to pick up new events

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