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Release 5.6 - Key Features

Improvements to Event Finalizing

Previously, when an event was complete, you had two choices: either click the “Update All” button which would give every participant credit for every related requirement, or you could drill down on each related badge, then go into “In Bulk” editing and check the requirements off one-by-one or column-by-column (and then repeat for the next related badge).

There were two serious problems with these approaches… first off, there was no record of whether credit was given. So you could increment a youth's tally (e.g., nights away, or hours of hiking) over and over again, for the same event. The smarter solution is to record that a youth has had their tally incremented by participation, and thereafter prevent “double dipping”.

The second issue is that the “Update All” approach is overly generous, e.g., if a small number of your youth participated in a Scouts Own at camp, then not all the youth ought to get credit for it. So this generally meant that even though all the youth deserved credit for participating in the camp activities, the fact that a couple of youth shouldn't get credit for a particular requirement meant that you had to do the manual approach to updating (which incurred the risk of double-dipping, if you forgot what you had already given credit for).

So to make the whole process easier and less prone to errors, instead of a “Update All” button there is now an “Update…” button that takes you to an In Bulk editor that includes all the youth and ONLY the related requirements. There is an “All” button that will instantly select all requirements for all participating youth, but you can then deselect specific requirements (e.g., the four youth who didn't participate in the Scouts Own). Furthermore, updates that you may have already credited are shown with a “X” in the background to indicate that you don't need to give any further credit. Indeed, the “All” button won't select such already-credited reqs, so you can't accidentally double-dip.

Also, the “History” report now shows which event was associated with the update to the database. I.e., the rows of the History report will say (for example), “Marked as completed by participation in “Spring Group Camp 2012'” (and the name of the event is a hyperlink to the particular event).

Finally, when in the “In Bulk” editor, there is now a “Legend” link that will pop up a legend of all the symbols formatting used.

Bug Fixes

  • Requirements that are set to “always complete” appeared as if you could toggle them during in bulk editing
  • Tallies were still showing up in the Ready-to-Test even after the Tally was satisfied
  • Future events weren't being excluded when you set Related Events “Only Attended” toggle to “No”
  • You couldn't drill through to youth's events from Attendance Report
  • History report was sorting and filtering by insertion date, but displaying effective date

Patch 5.6.1 (2012-06-08)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Printed “My Path” report now shows the Section/Personal notes associated with each req, and a list of upcoming events that might satisfy the requirement
  • Can now see and set all your Section notes from “Account” | “Advanced” | “Customize”

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicating events in the future proposed the original date for “same time next year”
  • Duplicating events with “Next free” now only propose dates that are after the original date
  • Bullet/numbered lists weren't displaying properly in Notes tooltips
  • Error removing youth from events via In Bulk editing of Attendance Report
  • “My Path” report was showing requirements that were always true due to badge customization.
  • COMPANY: certain badges should have been auto-linked to related requirements
  • COMPANY: certain badges weren't showing up in pick lists
  • TROOP: better scanned image of Chief Scout's Award
  • TROOP: sea scouts saw the words “Sea Sea Scouts” under “Account” | “Advanced”

Patch 5.6.2 (2012-06-19)

Bug Fixes

  • Drilling down to “All Events” | “Meetings” wouldn't show the correct “show upcoming” toggle state
  • Program costs could experience odd formatting (i.e., too few or too many decimal places)
  • Doing an event “Update” and clicking “All” in the upper left of the table wouldn't select all cells if the badge had multiple requirements with the same number (e.g., A2 and B2)
  • “history” report showed changes made by participation in deleted events as “Unnamed” rather than “a deleted event”
  • Tooltips over completed requirements made by participation in deleted events still showed name of deleted event
  • Tooltips and history report show leader's name, rather than email address
  • Leaders weren't showing in the Attendance or Participation reports
  • Missing “participation” and “training” images on the Personal Record Sheets
  • Drilling down from Schedule to an event and then deleting it wasn't removing it from the schedule until a refresh
  • Creating an event from the schedule, and then clicking “Update” to finalize could result in non-action
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