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Release 5.9 - Key Features

Special Awards

You can now record that a youth has earned an award outside of the normal Program. E.g., it could be a National award such as the Medal of the Maple, or an Area recognition, or could just reflect that the youth has earned a second or third language strip.

Special Awards are created by drilling down to the youth (e.g., “Account” | “Scouts”), where you'll find a new “Special Awards” section. In addition to the name and description, you can optionally provide leader-only notes and can pick an existing image to use with the award. You can format the description and Leaders' notes in the same way you can format Events and Personal/Section Notes.

Special Awards show up in the “history” and “badges earned” reports, and via a text search, and are included in the youth's Personal Record Sheet.

Special Awards differ from regular Program badges/awards in that they don't have requirements that can be progressively earned. I.e., when you create a Special Award, it is by definition complete and automatically assigned to a single youth. The ability to create a custom badges that all youth can independently work towards is a separate feature that is on the feature request list!

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Troop/Pack notes now are checked when you do a text search

Bug Fixes

  • The notes tooltip stopped appearing after navigating away from one badge to another
  • Youth/Parents could send themselves welcome messages
  • Switching youth while looking at “My Bookmarks” or “My Notes” wasn't refreshing the report
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