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Release 6.0 - Key Features

This release ushers in a new era of information sharing!

By (your) popular request, your schedule can now optionally show the events of the other sections in your Group. So, you can find out whether the Group's tents will be in use on a particular weekend, or when the Cubs plan on doing their Popcorn canvassing.

Furthermore, you can instantly copy another sections' event into your section's schedule…. so if one section has entered all the details for a Group Camp, then the other sections can just import it directly from the Scheduled Events view.

The multi-section calendar can also be embedded in a website, giving parents with youth in multiple sections a one-stop solution to find out about upcoming events.

The email engine was also replaced, as some legitimate email addresses were appearing to never receive emails (e.g., password reset).

Finally, there were a variety of bug fixes and other minor enhancements.

Patch 6.0.1 (2012-09-05)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • The messages you see when you try to create a Login with an email address that is used by someone else are now more helpful…
  • If you try to create a Login using an email from an expired trial account, it will now let let you (the original expired account is still preserved though)
  • There is now a “Hide Meetings” checkbox you can set when generating the code snippet for an embedded calendar. This is particularly useful for Groups/Areas that want to show all the significant events, but not the run-of-the-mill weekly meetings.

Bug Fixes

  • On some slower PC's (particularly those running IE), there was a race condition upon initial connection with the possible outcome that some users could view, but not update their Youths' or Leaders' records.
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