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Release 6.1 - Key Features

Sign Up Lists

By (your) popular request, you now have signup capability. For any event, you can optionally enable the youth to sign up for the event. This sign up can either be open until the actual event date, or it can have a specific deadline (e.g., 10 days before a camp). As a leader, up until the event, you can see who as signed up as a “yes”, “no” or “maybe” (or not signed up at all). After the event happens, when you first record to list the participants, the list will default to everyone who had signed up, but all the sign up responses are shown for easy referral (e.g., in case some of your “Maybe” respondents actually showed up).

When the youth are looking at the upcoming events, if an event has an active sign up, the youth will have the ability to click on the “Sign Up!” button and set/change their response. To help ensure that the youth respond, there is a “My Sign Ups” on the Home page that lists all the upcoming activities for which you've enabled sign up, categorized into “open” signups (those for which the deadline hasn't passed) vs “closed” as well as those that the youth has answered or not answered. The “My Sign Ups” link also shows the count of “open - not answered” sign up's, so HOPEFULLY the youth will know when they have something to respond to!

Web Storage Support

This is a minor integration feature. A number of Sections are using a variety of web storage service (e.g., Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive). So this integration allows you to specify the access URL, and then exposes a link to your web storage in the sidebar.

The access URL can be set under “Account” | “Advanced”

Bug Fixes

  • Publish Size had a limit of 200KB, which was causing some Summary Reports not to publish
  • Inventory was showing zero for new uniforms, regardless of stock
  • Firefox 15: toolbar buttons had no background
  • Importing events via a shared calendar wasn't correctly setting the labels/attributes
  • TROOP: Activity Badge Combos were missing!
  • TROOP: World Scout Environment #5 should be subreq'd
  • Youth could (under bizarre circumstances) have their section ID reset (thereby making them apparently disappear)
  • Unchecking “can login” when creating a new leader would not hide Welcome controls
  • Upgrading Personal Account to Group license now forces a re-connection
  • Publish could be cached by browser, so that you appeared to see the old report
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