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Release 6.5 - Key Features

Payment Tracking

One of the most requested features has been the ability to track whether youth have paid dues and event fees. ScoutsTracker now can do that for you, including the following features:

  • Default dues for new meetings
  • Optionally let youth pre-pay their dues
  • Optionally define a payment deposit (tied to signup deadline)
  • “Event Payments” report to track who has paid for which events
  • “Amounts Owed” report to summarize what each's balance
  • “My Balance” report (for Youth logins) that shows them what they owe
  • Integration with the Signup interface for quick overview of who's attending and what's still owed
  • Overpayments (e.g., refunds) are highlighted


Youth/Parent Logins are now grouped by youth, so you can see which youth are accessed by which logins, and importantly, which youth aren't accessed by any logins.

Event editing interface is now streamlined, including consolidating the youth/leader attendance.

The event Signup and Payment interface is now consolidated, since the two are so closely linked.

Clicking on calendar will automatically create a “meeting” event, if it's on the same day of as your other meetings.

The “new/old” inventory toggle now saves your inventory edits just like the “next” and “prev” links.

Added a new “ineligible” signup status, so you can restrict signup to a subset of your youth (e.g., PL/APL camp).

Council and area crests now have new/old variants in your inventory. Chief Scout's award also now has new/old variants.

Added iPhone5 splash screens.

Bug Fixes

  • Accessing ScoutsTracker from .ICS links (e.g., Outlook, or Google Calendar) were showing sign up detailss
  • Non-badgemasters didn't have an Administration section (even though it should be inaccessible)
  • Parents can now see related sections in the calendar
  • PACK/COLONY/COMPANY: external web storage was showing up as “Troop Files”
  • Could not change the password of logins without authorization records
  • When configuring multiple calendars, could not change your own section's colour
  • No longer get a prompt to send welcome message when changing your own password
  • Youth record wasn't saving if the only thing you modified was new/old uniform
  • Record sheets weren't expiring, meaning that after you published the report, the browser might still show you the old data
  • If you got a network connectivity error, but then successfully toggled on-line, you would not have Leader/Youth/Logins/Access info
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