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Release 6.8 - Key Features

Login Management

You can now view the parent/youth logins by accessed youth, or by email. This makes it easier to look up a particular email address, or see which Logins are no longer relevant (and can possibly be deleted) should they no longer access any youth.

BUG: When you added a new parent/youth login, it said “Leader updated” instead of “Login updated”

Published Record Sheet Issues

You can now choose to include inactive scouts in the Troop/Pack summary record sheet. You can also restrict the number of years worth of events to include in the summary record sheet. In this way, you can generate a summary that contains everything (and represents a hard-copy backup of all your data(, or you can generate it with just the current scouts and this year's events as proof that you are meeting program quality standards.

BUG: PACK: New photographer badge reqs were poorly laid out in Personal Record Sheets

Inventory Issues

Completing either old recently updated computer badge requirements now update a single inventory item. Previously you would have noticed that you had a new and an old Computer badge in the inventory, for both the new and old uniform. The same fix was applied to the recently modified Photography badge.

  • Fixed automatic inventory updating during badge awarding
  • Group/Area crests are no longer combined for the new Uniform
  • BEAVERS: Hikes/Nights Away Stages shows up in inventory

Blocked Email List

To comply with privacy standards, a user's email can now be added to a list of blocked emails. E.g., If a parent requests that they never be corresponded with, EVER, then this list will protect a leader (and me!) from the wrath of the parent should a well-meaning leader give the parent a Login and send them a welcome message explaining how to sign in and track their child's progress through the Scouting.

Of course, this also means that the user cannot have a login, and will be unable to benefit from any email-based features, but that is a necessary outcome of demanding that they never be contacted!

PayPal Processing and Taxation

When you license ScoutsTracker, you're now asked to provide your full mailing address. This is not an evil attempt to collect more unneeded data on you, but is a result of a Canada Revenue Agency ruling that says unless I have the full mailing address of customers, then instead of being able to charge 8% GST or 13% HST depending on whether you are a non-Ontario resident, I would have to charge EVERYONE the maximum taxation rate in Canada… which is 15% HST! I had previously just been using the location of your Council to determine if you were a non-Ontario resident, but apparently this wasn't good enough for CRA.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • iPhone/iPad: Subscribing to section events in your iPhone calendar was broken
  • IE8: Couldn't select desired connection if you had multiple logins
  • PACK: Some strings said “Cubs” instead of “Cub”
  • Uninformative “Status” section was being included in Shared badges
  • Current tally was misaligned in the requirement popup menu
  • ScoutSys/CubSys imports now support birth date and service date
  • The current youth could have badge category counts double-counted due to a race condition
  • When an account is created with a group license key, it was overriding the specified group name with the name of the Group License

Patch #1 (2013-01-15)

  • iOS 6: was not working in off-line mode
  • CHROME/SAFARI: could not select text on pages
  • Accented characters were not handle correctly in inputs
  • Ready-to-test report wasn't showing “final requirements” when called for
  • Couldn't set nights away to zero for a youth
  • Couldn't edit youth when you had the max allowable for your account
  • Made some changes to which event edit fields were hidden/shown when using a personal account

Patch #2 (2013-01-22)

  • IE9: race conditions could result in a failure to launch
  • IE9/IE8/RIM: clicking on a badge requirement would show the floating menu off screen
  • Could get “failed to initialize” message when opening shared event links
  • Updating a parent's login password could report “Leader updated” instead of “Login updated”
  • Fixed possibility of seeing multiple pages simultaneously, when opening multiple ScoutsTracker in multiple tabs of the same browser.
  • As well, I slightly tweaked/clarified the sign-in interface, to minimize the number of youth who were creating new accounts rather than signing in with the login you created for them.
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