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 +[[Release Notes|<< List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 6.8 - Key Features ======
 +===== Login Management =====
 +You can now view the parent/youth logins by accessed youth, or by email. This makes it easier to look up a particular email address, or see which Logins are no longer relevant (and can possibly be deleted) should they no longer access any youth.
 +BUG: When you added a new parent/youth login, it said "Leader updated" instead of "Login updated"
 +===== Published Record Sheet Issues =====
 +You can now choose to include inactive scouts in the Troop/Pack summary record sheet. You can also restrict the number of years worth of events to include in the summary record sheet. In this way, you can generate a summary that contains everything (and represents a hard-copy backup of all your data(, or you can generate it with just the current scouts and this year's events as proof that you are meeting program quality standards.
 +BUG: PACK: New photographer badge reqs were poorly laid out in Personal Record Sheets
 +===== Inventory Issues =====
 +Completing either old recently updated computer badge requirements now update a single inventory item. Previously you would have noticed that you had a new and an old Computer badge in the inventory, for both the new and old uniform. The same fix was applied to the recently modified Photography badge.
 +  * Fixed automatic inventory updating during badge awarding
 +  * Group/Area crests are no longer combined for the new Uniform
 +  * BEAVERS: Hikes/Nights Away Stages shows up in inventory
 +===== Blocked Email List =====
 +To comply with privacy standards, a user's email can now be added to a list of blocked emails. E.g., If a parent requests that they never be corresponded with, EVER, then this list will protect a leader (and me!) from the wrath of the parent should a well-meaning leader give the parent a Login and send them a welcome message explaining how to sign in and track their child's progress through the Scouting.
 +Of course, this also means that the user cannot have a login, and will be unable to benefit from any email-based features, but that is a necessary outcome of demanding that they never be contacted!
 +===== PayPal Processing and Taxation =====
 +When you license ScoutsTracker, you're now asked to provide your full mailing address. This is not an evil attempt to collect more unneeded data on you, but is a result of a Canada Revenue Agency ruling that says unless I have the full mailing address of customers, then instead of being able to charge 8% GST or 13% HST depending on whether you are a non-Ontario resident, I would have to charge EVERYONE the maximum taxation rate in Canada... which is 15% HST! I had previously just been using the location of your Council to determine if you were a non-Ontario resident, but apparently this wasn't good enough for CRA.
 +===== Miscellaneous Bug Fixes =====
 +  * iPhone/iPad: Subscribing to section events in your iPhone calendar was broken
 +  * IE8: Couldn't select desired connection if you had multiple logins
 +  * PACK: Some strings said "Cubs" instead of "Cub"
 +  * Uninformative "Status" section was being included in Shared badges
 +  * Current tally was misaligned in the requirement popup menu
 +  * ScoutSys/CubSys imports now support birth date and service date
 +  * The current youth could have badge category counts double-counted due to a race condition
 +  * When an account is created with a group license key, it was overriding the specified group name with the name of the Group License
 +===== Patch #1 (2013-01-15) =====
 +  * iOS 6: was not working in off-line mode
 +  * CHROME/SAFARI: could not select text on pages
 +  * Accented characters were not handle correctly in inputs
 +  * Ready-to-test report wasn't showing "final requirements" when called for
 +  * Couldn't set nights away to zero for a youth
 +  * Couldn't edit youth when you had the max allowable for your account
 +  * Made some changes to which event edit fields were hidden/shown when using a personal account
 +===== Patch #2 (2013-01-22) =====
 +  * IE9: race conditions could result in a failure to launch
 +  * IE9/IE8/RIM: clicking on a badge requirement would show the floating menu off screen
 +  * Could get "failed to initialize" message when opening shared event links
 +  * Updating a parent's login password could report "Leader updated" instead of "Login updated"
 +  * Fixed possibility of seeing multiple pages simultaneously, when opening multiple ScoutsTracker in multiple tabs of the same browser.
 +  * As well, I slightly tweaked/clarified the sign-in interface, to minimize the number of youth who were creating new accounts rather than signing in with the login you created for them.