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Release 7.1 - Key Features

This release centres around event subscriptions and further enhances the email feature.

Event Subscriptions

When you import an event from another section (e.g., through your shared calendar), you can new specify whether you want to COPY the event into your calendar, or SUBSCRIBE to it. The key difference in a subscribed event is that the details can be changed by the event creator, and will automatically be reflected in your calendar. So if you are planning a Group Camp (for example) the Troop leader can update the event with a new start/end time and that change will instantly be visible to the Beaver, Cub and Venturer parents. Signups, payments and related requirements are still just copied in, so that the Scouts can set one price for the camp, and the Cubs another, etc.

Bcc Support

There were requests for the ability to prevent specific email addresses (particularly for the youth) from being exposed to other members of the troop/pack/company, while still allowing other email addresses (e.g., the parents) to be visible. This allows you to send out an email to which the parents can do a “reply all” (e.g., to discuss car-pooling) while keeping the youth's email addresses private.

To make an email address not be visible to other recipients, go to “Account” | “Logins” and drill down on any login. There you'll notice a new “Is 'Bcc' email address?” option. Thereafter, when you add the youth to the recipient list, that login will be added to the BCC header. Additionally, if you go into “Account” | “Scouts” | <some scout> | “Contacts” you'll notice that the other email addresses can now be classified as “To” or “Bcc” addresses.

Some sections further insist that NO email addresses ever be visible in any emails. Therefore, there is now an account preference that ensures that none of the recipients' email addresses are visible to any another recipient. To enable this feature go to “Account” | “Advanced” and toggle the new “Only 'Bcc' email recipients” option. When this is enabled, then every email address is treated like a Bcc address.

Email Signature

Leaders can now add a signature to their login. This gets automatically inserted to each new email.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • There is now an “admin contact” option for leader logins
  • Improved usability for “All” button when updating payments
  • Cancelled events in attendance report now have distinctive styling
  • Added wrapping to email view
  • Can specify event times like “10p” in addition to “10:00pm”
  • COMPANY: better logic for determining when to show the old World Conservation badge
  • Removed unused timezone/DST field

Bug Fixes

Many of these have been rolled at as “hot fixes” in the weeks prior to this release, but are included here for posterity

  • Calculation error in isDeadlinePast for non-signup/non-payment badges
  • Ready-to-award report wasn't displaying if some of the displayed youth were inactive
  • IE8: unterminated <span> was causing certain pages not to display
  • Resolved “function getNow() not found” error
  • Sometimes on first invocation, the “Add All” button wasn't pulling in youth as recipients
  • Apostrophes in outing names were showing up in the email subject as &#39;
  • On future events with no signups or payments, “Add All” was adding in inactive youth
  • Related reqs were missing from display of events shared by link
  • TROOP: repositioned “Targeted Fundraiser” badge on “Permits/Lanyards” page
  • Excluded “Targeted Fundraiser” badge from inventory
  • Fixed issue with accented characters in emails
  • Double time ranges when viewing events
  • Clicking on extended days of multi-day related events wasn't navigating to the event
  • First-ever meeting created could show NaN:NaN for date and times
  • End times were not defaulting correctly, when a new meeting was created from the calendar
  • Event isPast/isUpcoming wasn't being calculated correctly for non-allday events
  • Editing the notes of a special award wasn't live updating the preview
  • If you specified both fundraising and target fundraising the finalization update got confused
  • Publishing troop summary could choke for large sections
  • Possible error when saving parent email addresses in youth contacts
  • Sharing calendars wasn't working for sections that used non-ISO date formatting (e.g., UK)
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