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Release 7.2 - Key Features

This release contains support for annual reports, revamped offline syncing logic, additional calendar sharing options, and various other enhancements and bug fixes.

Annual Report

As another scouting year winds up, it is useful (sometimes required!) to prepare a report to your Group Committee. So there is now an “Annual Report” that summarizes your section, provides an overview of your events (accomplished, and still outstanding), lists the quantities of badges earned, and lists your favourite featured events.

When you edit an event, you'll now find a new checkbox that will control whether it is included in the annual report. These featured events show up in the calendar and in event lists with a yellow star (i.e., like is used to denote “favourites”).

Additionally, you can now add “Post-Event” notes. This is just a place that you can jot down how the event turned out, for the edification of your parents and/or GC, and for future reference if you plan to run a similar event next year.

Note, this is the first rendition of an annual report, so if you have suggestions as to how it can be improved, please contact support.

Better Off-Line Syncing

Switching to off-line mode is a great way to improve performance when you're in a location with spotty internet access, and now ScoutsTracker remembers your last connection mode when it starts up, and prompts you if you want to stay off-line. This can then avoid the delay as ScoutsTracker tries to contact the server during start-up.

Additionally, whenever you are off-line, a “Sync” button is shown that can be used to temporarily try to go on-line, attempt a sync, and then go back-offline.

Finally, you can see an exhaustive list of all the queued updates that need to be synced. This report is accessible from the “Account” page.

Calendar Sharing

There is now a link that you can embed in an email or chat message that will point to your section's calendar. This link is accessible by clicking on the “Share” button below your calendar. You can customize the appearance of the resulting calendar by twiddling with some checkboxes.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • New Account “wizard” to prevent parents creating duplicate Troop/Pack accounts
  • Add the youths'/leaders' names as tooltips in the wall chart and attendance reports (to accommodate scrolling)

Bug Fixes

  • Finalization update wasn't working if you had related reqs that you had customized AFTER adding as a related req
  • Calculated reqs completion scores were being normalized, which was undervaluing their contribution to the badge completion score
  • Past cancelled events were unnecessarily showing “no participants”
  • The “home” section in embedded calendars was not using your customized colour when other sections were included.
  • PACK: tweaked wording/layout of Firstaider #2a and #2j
  • PACK: updated wording/layout of Red Star #A1
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