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Release 7.3 - Key Features

Passwords and Login Provisioning

I was still getting quite a few support requests about creating youth/parent logins and how to inform the parents about it.

So the process has been simplified (i.e., no requirement or ability to specify passwords for other logins), and you can now send bulk welcome messages to some or all logins, without needing to change the other logins' passwords. Thus, you can create the required logins for your new youth, and then in one operation send a welcome message to all of the new youth and parents (see “Account” | “Logins” | “Welcome Messages”).

Also, when you forget your password or receive a welcome message, the email will include a time-limited link that lets you reset your own password, rather than including a random password. This is more secure, and is in line with industry best practices.

I also check the status of password recovery email delivery attempts, as sometimes the email was bouncing, and the user would fruitlessly try to reset and reset and reset without ever receiving the email. Now the user is informed if the email could not be delivered. Also, I fixed the bug in which you harmlessly received two copies of the welcome messages that had been sent to your youth/parents.

Finalization Workflow

The process of finalizing an event was being overlooked by some leaders, with the result that there were concerns that the youth weren't getting appropriate credit for their participation in events. Consequently the ambiguous “Update…” button has been renamed to the (hopefully) more explicit “Give Credit…”.

Additionally, when you finalize an event, you are prompted to confirm whether you've given all of the youth credit for their participation.

And, I fixed a bug in which sometimes the “Give Credit…” button and associated hint was visible when it didn't need to be.

Subscribing to Schedule using Google/Outlook

The ability to see your ScoutsTracker calendars in your Google or Outlook calendar is very handy, but some users were reporting that sometimes the calendar never seemed to update. Consequently I revamped the subscription interface so the subscription details are returned dynamically, with the appropriate HTTP headers to prevent browser caching of the calendar.

Multi-Section calendars

As hinted, there will be a Group/Area edition later this summer, and it will have multi-section calendars as a key component. Therefore a number of visual improvements were made in the anticipation that some events might be shared be many sections.

E.g., events that have a common source (i.e., multiple sections import the same event) are collapsed into a single calendar entry; the calender now renders much faster; and the sequencing of multiple sections' multi-day events is consistent across all days.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Leaders now have a extra roles, including “helper”
  • PACK: move activities to end of Personal Record Sheet
  • Add totals to Attendance report rows, so you can see who came out to the most events
  • Significant speed improvements when syncing with lots of inactive youth (also avoids the “out of browser memory” error)

Bug Fixes

  • Removed non Scouts Canada badge images from Scuba and Geocaching badges (at SC's request)
  • COMPANY: snapshot shows empty status for QV recipient
  • Youth who didn't sign up for an event, but attended anyway, weren't showing up as owing money
  • PACK: wrong favicon for Personal Record Sheets
  • PACK: couldn't always generate Personal Record Sheets
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