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Release 7.5 - Key Features

MyScouts/Spreadsheet Import of Records

You can now upload spreadsheets of data as a quick way of populating your section's youth and leader records.

The bonus is that means you can import records from myscouts! If you go to “Account” | “Youth” | “Import from MyScouts/Spreadsheet”, you'll find detailed instructions on how to get the information out of myscouts.

This also means that youth and leader records now support the Scouts Canada member number as an optional field. It is useful in preventing duplicate records that could happen when you migrate a youth from Cubs to Scouts (for example) multiple times.


You can now choose which schedules you want to see overlaid or your section's. E.g., a leader might be interested in all the sections in his group, but a parent with children in Beavers and Cubs will probably choose to not view the Troop and Company calendars.

The calendar now remembers the last viewed month, and has a 'today' link to revert to current month.

Added a “Court of Honour” label for Troop events.

Re-clicking a youth's signup now prompts to reset to no response. Previously, once you'd recorded a signup, there was no way to completely clear it.

Calendar Bugs

  • multi-month events weren't showing up on second month's calendar
  • sometimes checking “all day event” wasn't actually updating the event
  • when creating “Important Date” you could not edit the Description or Leaders' Notes. You had to re-edit the event to do so

Account Settings

You can now have separate web folders for everyone, vs. just the leaders. You can specify a youth/parent-accessible folder via “Account” | “Advanced” | “URL for Troop files”.

You now have the option to get rid of the World Conservation Award (which is being deprecated in favour of the World Scout Environment Award), via the preferences in “Account” | “Advanced”.

The section keys stuff has been moved up from “Accounts” | “Advanced” | “Section Keys” to “Accounts” | “Collaboration”.


Really streamlined the new user first login process, and reworked welcome message text to be a bit more clear.

Edited the “new group license” email to give instructions for how to use the group license key.

Moving up a previously linked-up youth now just inactivates the youth in the old section (it used to do that AND create a record in the new section… which already existed if the youth had been previously linked-up. This requires that you specify the Scouts Canada member number.

Cubs and Scouts identified as “Tenderpad'/“Tenderfoot” are automatically promoted to full “Cub”/“Scout” when they are awarded their “Tenderpad”/“Pioneer” badge.


Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • IE10 no background-image on toolbar buttons
  • Switch to view logins by email, edit a login, you return to manage-logins with both view-by-youth and view-by-email simultaneously showing
  • Number of ready-to-test reqs was showing up in the “My Path” link, rather than the “Ready to Test” link.

Patch (2013-08-13)


  • “Account” | “Advanced” now has a “Zero all balances” button that lets you wipe the slate clean of any unpaid dues or event fees.
  • Now pre-download badge images when you have a fast connection

Bug Fixes

  • Ability to change collaborations (i.e., making other sections' schedules viewable in your calendar) wasn't working
  • “Include in annual report” checkbox couldn't be set except when an event was first created
  • Couldn't use calendar's “prev” link to step backwards over event signup deadlines
  • “Account” | “Logins” | “Welcome Messages” was only showing a partial list if you'd previously drilled down to a youth's list of logins
  • The prev/next buttons weren't showing the chronologically prev/next event after editing an event
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