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Release 7.6 - Key Features

Secure Access

For the extremely security conscious, under “Account” | “Advanced” there's now a “Only permit secure access” that will automatically redirect all access to HTTPS, and will not allow users to stay signed in between sessions.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

There is now a date picker when duplicating events. This date picker complements the existing “next free <day of week>” and “same time next year” options.

BEAVERS: there is a now a toggle to turn on/off the UK Beaver Badge Program.

Tidied up or enhanced wording of messages and emails in response to your suggestions.

Allow 3rd-party applications to insert events into ScoutsTracker (contact me for details).

Bug Fixes - Calendar/Events

  • Duplicated events did not have correct end time (same as start)
  • Duplicated events did not have “include in annual report” flag set
  • Missing related section events from calendar when first event of calendar actually started on previous month
  • Couldn't add second related section via “Advanced” | “Collaboration”
  • Pick list of event contacts included inactive scouts
  • If event location exceeded 255 chars, it generated a DataException

Bug Fixes - Logins/Migration

  • StaleStateException when migrating youth due to duplication deletion of presence
  • Duplicate Access records (same youth_id, login_id) were confusing the login counts
  • Avoid creating duplicates during move up / link up
  • Failed to reload youth records after adding a login to a youth that previously had no login

Bug Fixes - Miscellaneous

  • SCOUTS: MyPath showed P.OS #1d even if P.OS #1c was complete (not the only case, but most like to be noticed)
  • Missing browser.html file when trying to use very old browsers (e.g., IE7)

Patch #1


  • Better off-line support for account settings
  • Map %40 to @ in the login= parameter

Bug Fixes

  • X-WR-CALDESC was being set (to product name!)
  • Volume key doesn't show up in 'Troop Details / Payment' if you're the admin
  • Creating emails against unsynced events meant you couldn't view the Email archive
  • Broke “Collaboration” | “Add Other Account”
  • OFF-LINE: test sending emails, complain about accessing Event email history (or hide email archive)
  • OFF-LINE: “Account” | “Advanced” options showing incorrect values when viewed off-line
  • PACK: earning Athlete badge doesn't contribute to Cdn Healthy Living
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