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Release 7.7 - Key Features

Enhancements - Group/Area Edition

Made more behind-the-scenes modifications to support the upcoming Group/Area edition

Enhancements - New Attributes for meetings

  • Added “Outside” attribute for meetings
  • Added “Badge Testing” attribute for meetings
  • COMPANY: added “Business” attribute for meetings


  • Increase nights of camping, hours of hiking
  • Include email address in leaders' Logins listings
  • Add text below logins to hint at link between email/access
  • Add message below event cost indicating if payment is not tracked
  • Include the dates/times in outings' email subjects
  • COMPANY: added tally login for QVA #6
  • COMPANY: add tally to Venturer Service Award #1

Bug Fixes - Outing Synchronization

  • Don't delete queued updates when scrubbing other sections records (to free up memory)
  • Better handling of multiple synchronizations of the same event
  • Eliminate possible NPE when updating subscriptions of events that have been deleted

Bug Fixes - Outing Miscellany

  • Youth with pre-paid are being excused from payments even if “enable pre-paid dues” is subsequently set to No
  • Duplicating event should not duplicate attendance/signup
  • Couldn't set event start/stop times with “a.m.” suffix
  • Sometimes event attributes weren't being displayed after editing the event
  • Youth couldn't drill down on related schedule's events

Bug Fixes - Miscellaneous

  • Couldn't add login to leader who didn't have one
  • Resetting email content for events was not resetting the subject
  • PERSONAL: “Import from MyScouts” was visible in Personal accounts
  • SEA SCOUTS: leaders' roles always said “Officer”
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