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Release 8.1 - Key Features

Commissioner Edition Bug Fixes

  • “Show Meetings” should only influence the display of OTHER section's schedules. Your own events always should be displayed on your own calendar!
  • The pushed-event notification email included an incorrect link and source name
  • Disable the “Import from Spreadsheet” button under “Account” | “Administrators”
  • Prevent your own auto-share schedule from being added in to your Collaboration section

Collaboration Enhancements

  • “Account” | “Collaboration” section keys are now read-only, once entered
  • Added modal activity indicator while fetching other schedules' events
  • Added additional details to Collaboration database tables so that we can always default to the section's original name (or whatever it is if the section changes their own name)

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • SCOUTS: link badges couldn't be updated in bulk
  • If an event reference in an email link is for a deleted event, clicking on it now correctly shows “invalid link” page
  • Catch and handle “Base64” bug
  • Added “Procedure” details to “Pricing” tab of website

Guiding-Specific Enhancements

  • Rebranded to “MyGuides” (see above)
  • Updated definitions for 'Picture This', 'Computer Skills', 'Travelling', 'Lady BP Challenge Pin', 'Peace', 'Feeling Good', 'Canoe Safety'
  • Removed 'Faith Awareness' badge
  • Added missing record sheet images for 'Business Communications'
  • Fixed typo in name of “Explore the Outdoors & Nature”
  • Added “Enrolment” badge
  • Updated badge images for all badges
  • Added inventory item for Guiding Challenge Pin, Membership (years 1-7), PL/2nd Stripe, Patrols
  • “Enrolment” should be a badge under “Challenges & Pins”
  • Support for Provincial Council Challenges

Patch #1: 2014-04-04

  • BUG: official calendars could show up as “unknown” in the calendar
  • BUG: once you specified that a youth could not be contacted by email, you couldn't undo that setting
  • BUG: ORG: subscribers doesn't include leader-only events (i.e., results of pushes)
  • BUG: ORG: wacky shit at the beginning of the month (12th St. Albert)
  • BUG: ORG: fixed exception thrown when uninviting a section from your organization
  • BUG: ORG: FIREFOX: skinny color swatches when viewing “Accounts” | “Sections” sorted by level
  • BUG: ORG: by-level toggle has divider “Beavers” if there was only one account per level
  • ENH: ORG: “Share” of related sections events operates off source event, not local copy
  • BUG: invitations to join Group/Area shown in “Account” | “Collaboration” showed your default name, instead of the Group's/Area's
  • BUG: youth with double quotes in their names (e.g., 'Doug “DJ” Jones') were causing an error in the Ready-to-Award report confirmation
  • BUG: exception when updating a section name (which was incorrectly upding ScheduleLabel, etc.)
  • BUG: potential exception when printing debug lines prior to saying that you're out of memory

Patch #2: 2014-04-15

  • BUG: ORG: needed feedback when re-inviting sections
  • BUG: ORG: multiple invites (one of which has been accepted) not displaying in Collaboration
  • BUG: clean up Collaboration page to reduce confusion that people have to enter a key to accept an invite
  • BUG: push invite shows SOURCE section, not target
  • BUG: accept HTTP connections for embedded calendar/shared links, despite “secure access only” setting
  • ENH: generate tax receipts
  • ENH: renice priority of java and postgresql processes
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