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 +[[Release Notes|<< List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 8.1 - Key Features ======
 +===== Commissioner Edition Bug Fixes =====
 +  * "Show Meetings" should only influence the display of OTHER section's schedules. Your own events always should be displayed on your own calendar!
 +  * The pushed-event notification email included an incorrect link and source name
 +  * Disable the "Import from Spreadsheet" button under "Account" | "Administrators"
 +  * Prevent your own auto-share schedule from being added in to your Collaboration section
 +===== Collaboration Enhancements =====
 +  * "Account" | "Collaboration" section keys are now read-only, once entered
 +  * Added modal activity indicator while fetching other schedules' events
 +  * Added additional details to Collaboration database tables so that we can always default to the section's original name (or whatever it is if the section changes their own name)
 +===== Miscellaneous Bug Fixes =====
 +  * SCOUTS: link badges couldn't be updated in bulk
 +  * If an event reference in an email link is for a deleted event, clicking on it now correctly shows "invalid link" page
 +  * Catch and handle "Base64" bug
 +  * Added "Procedure" details to "Pricing" tab of website
 +===== Guiding-Specific Enhancements =====
 +  * Rebranded to "MyGuides" (see above)
 +  * Updated definitions for 'Picture This', 'Computer Skills', 'Travelling', 'Lady BP Challenge Pin', 'Peace', 'Feeling Good', 'Canoe Safety'
 +  * Removed 'Faith Awareness' badge
 +  * Added missing record sheet images for 'Business Communications'
 +  * Fixed typo in name of "Explore the Outdoors & Nature"
 +  * Added "Enrolment" badge
 +  * Updated badge images for all badges
 +  * Added inventory item for Guiding Challenge Pin, Membership (years 1-7), PL/2nd Stripe, Patrols
 +  * "Enrolment" should be a badge under "Challenges & Pins"
 +  * Support for Provincial Council Challenges
 +===== Patch #1: 2014-04-04 =====
 +  * BUG: official calendars could show up as "unknown" in the calendar
 +  * BUG: once you specified that a youth could not be contacted by email, you couldn't undo that setting
 +  * BUG: ORG: subscribers doesn't include leader-only events (i.e., results of pushes)
 +  * BUG: ORG: wacky shit at the beginning of the month (12th St. Albert)
 +  * BUG: ORG: fixed exception thrown when uninviting a section from your organization
 +  * BUG: ORG: FIREFOX: skinny color swatches when viewing "Accounts" | "Sections" sorted by level
 +  * BUG: ORG: by-level toggle has divider "Beavers" if there was only one account per level
 +  * ENH: ORG: "Share" of related sections events operates off source event, not local copy
 +  * BUG: invitations to join Group/Area shown in "Account" | "Collaboration" showed your default name, instead of the Group's/Area's
 +  * BUG: youth with double quotes in their names (e.g., 'Doug "DJ" Jones') were causing an error in the Ready-to-Award report confirmation
 +  * BUG: exception when updating a section name (which was incorrectly upding ScheduleLabel, etc.)
 +  * BUG: potential exception when printing debug lines prior to saying that you're out of memory
 +===== Patch #2: 2014-04-15 =====
 +  * BUG: ORG: needed feedback when re-inviting sections
 +  * BUG: ORG: multiple invites (one of which has been accepted) not displaying in Collaboration
 +  * BUG: clean up Collaboration page to reduce confusion that people have to enter a key to accept an invite
 +  * BUG: push invite shows SOURCE section, not target
 +  * BUG: accept HTTP connections for embedded calendar/shared links, despite "secure access only" setting
 +  * ENH: generate tax receipts
 +  * ENH: renice priority of java and postgresql processes