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Release 8.5 - Key Features

Email Bounce Indicators

When you view an email from your archives, you'll see a little indicator if the email couldn't be delivered. Reasons could be because it's a bad address (hard bounce) or because the mailbox was full (soft bounce) or that the mail delivery service has been unable to contact the recipient (deferred), etc. Also, these statuses can change… e.g., when you first send an email to an invalid email mailbox, it will be marked as “sent”, because the receiving server may not get around to reporting that the mailbox is invalid for a few hours (or days!).

Soft Deletes

Now when you “delete” a youth, it is just flagged as such, rather than having all its records removed. There have been a few instances of squabbles between leaders in which one leader would rage quit and delete a bunch of the youths' records. Restoring those records from the nightly backups was a very time-consuming process on my part. So now all I have to do is edit the database and remove the “deleted” flag.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Add pick-list for suitable moveup/linkup targets
  • Attendance report now shows outings that pre-date joining as ineligible
  • Notes icon is now clickable, so you can view long notes and click on embedded links
  • Notes tooltip clips very wide text
  • added Volume License Cost Adjuster spreadsheet to website, for Areas that are looking at how to rationalize costs between sections that do and don't have existing ScoutsTracker licenses.
  • added user-agent to presence table to simply debugging
  • suppress list of youth in leader-only events

Bug Fixes

Many of these had already been rolled out in patches, but are worth mentioning for posterity.

  • Adding/deleting attachment to/from non-event email attachment wasn't immediately updating list of attachments
  • Changing the “Current Scout” wasn't causing “My Events” to update correctly if you got to “My Events” by clicking on the summary below the Current Scout.
  • Trying to move up youth generated a “that's an invalid key” message
  • Couldn't drill down on subscribed events in embedded calendars
  • Some embedded calendars entries would be tagged by generic section type (e.g., “Pack”) instead of by the actual name (e.g., “Tuesday Cubs”).
  • Ready-to-Test report could freeze on scorecarding a youth
  • Ready-to-Test report print-out was including events just marked as complete
  • Changes to source event's labels (e.g., 3-days instead of 2-days) weren't propagated to subscribers
  • Attachment.updatedby_id is db-specific, should use login key instead
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