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Release 9.1 - Key Features

Quicker Collaboration

Two common complaints/suggestions were that you were a leader in multiple sections (e.g., a Troop and Pack scouter), you shouldn't have to jump through hoops to exchange keys with yourself.

Similarly, if you were a GC or AC with access to the sections under you, it seemed kind of silly to invite sections to join your network by sending yourself an email invitation, then signing into the invited section only to accept your own invitation.

So now, when you go to “Account” | “Collaboration” (and “Account” | “Sections” | “Add” for GC's/AC's) any other sections you can administer will be listed in a “Quick Add” section. Then with a single click you can reciprocally exchange section keys with another account, or instantly add the account to your GC/AC network.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • ORG: tweaked terminology from “Administrator” to “Key Person”
  • Tweaked terminology: changed “is an admin contact” to “is an account contact”
  • Enable “Other Role” for Beavers (useful for flagging white tails!)
  • Added “Sign In” button when you click on a dead embedded outing link
  • Add special prompt for Chinook and SWC councils to remind them of council-wide licensing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a potential server exception due to null timestamps being passed up in calls to getHistory
  • Typo in variable name “ndays” when preparing History report
  • Try to avoid NULL timestamps being passed up to server
  • Cleaned up a NullPointerException when publishing some section reports
  • Users with “can update badges” permission couldn't manage the inventory
  • “Is private address” wasn't being displayed for youth logins
  • Emails with “+” are converted to spaces, and therefore invalid
  • Changes to a leader's display name would not change the appearance of “Connect via another login”
  • ORG: Group/Area accounts shows as “Expired” in list of sections (should show as “Free”)
  • ORG: Fixed a variety of bugs associated with issuing invites
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