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Release 9.2 - Key Features

Commission Edition Changes

I added an “Create New Account” button to “Account” | “Sections”, so you can quickly add a new section. This new section automatically includes you and an optional other individual as administrators, and is automatically set up with the appropriate collaboration and licensing.

I added a “Connect” button beside sections that you can sign into any sections that you have logins to.

I added a “Request Login” button for existing sections that you can't sign in to.

I added a “Resend Invitation” button for invited sections that haven't yet accepted/declined your invitation.

Additionally, I fixed the following bugs specific to the Commissioner edition

  • Couldn't delete unaccepted/declined email invites
  • Overzealous email invites being sent out when you
  • Published calendars with “meetings=0” weren't suppressing the Group meetings
  • Cleaned up some incorrect invites from the database

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • The “stay signed in” checkbox is now always displayed
  • If you're editing a Youth, changing the current youth via the “Current Scout” drop down, changes the youth being editing; and vice versa
  • Added an SSL certificate for
  • Deprecated IE8 support. Only a little over 1% of users are on this archaic (and seriously deficient) browser.

Bug Fixes

  • A login attempt was reporting wrong error message if your only login was to a deleted section
  • Made <iframe> used in embedding snippets conform to standard (can't be empty)
  • No login permissions were created for account creator
  • Hitting ENTER in payment or tally update dialog boxes no longer causes a page refresh
  • Couldn't add leaders with logins
  • The Council-Wide license message was appearing when you went to “Account” | “Troop Details / Payment”
  • A stub “Contact Settings” area was showing for youth when “always BCC” is set
  • Youth/parents couldn't “Ask a Question” (didn't have the permissions)
  • Couldn't create personal account by going through the two-step wizard
  • Handle mis-formed unsubscribe links better, also remove unsubscribes from youth's Contacts (e.g., if step-dad no longer wants to receive emails)
  • iOS: extra test to help avoid iPad bug ( is null)
  • FIREFOX: fixed some button vertical spacing issues
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