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Release 9.5 - Key Features

In preparation for upcoming Canadian Path changes, I have had to make some minor architectural changes to ScoutsTracker, and flush some outstanding bugs out of the way.

However, one outcome of these changes is that you might get an “undefined function” error upon startup. If this happens just click CTRL-F5 (on a PC) or Command-Shift-J (on a Mac) to do a harder-than-normal refresh of the page. That'll clear it up.

And for the record, the following is a list of things that have been fixed since the last update (mostly as patches throughout the last few weeks)


  • Add group name to home page
  • Changing a youth's attendance should negate the “give credit” he has received before.
  • Expose “last updated by” in view-event
  • Link creation of a leader/login when you cash in a license key. Creates a non-participating, non-deletable “bootstrap” license.
  • Better enabling/exposure of leader's signature field/usage when you do(n't) have FB enabled
  • Added mailto link formatting
  • Staged badges in Wall Chart now show highest awarded level
  • Record who deleted an event

Bug Fixes

  • Removed extraneous column in badge requirements of Personal Record Sheets
  • Targeted Fundraiser “badge” was appearing in Venturer Personal Record Sheet
  • Clicking on note in “Ready to Test” report was not switching the current Scout. But the shown note is for the current scout.
  • Couldn't edit leaders' attendance from within edit-event
  • Go to Ready-to-Test report. Click on Note. The “Troop Notes” section is editable, but there is only an “Edit” button, not a “Save” button
  • Two-night camp would only give credit for 1 night in YRC award
  • Through “Give Credit”, update a youth's tally (e.g., YRC Winter #1), and “Save”. Re-Give credit and try to tweak the value again. There's NOTHING that indicates you can't do it, and indeed the badge is updated and may be marked as complete. But if you do a Reload from Server, you'll find the credit is right back where it started
  • “Insert previous Thread” button didn't always do what it was supposed to
  • Entering spaces in the leader cost would result in a warning message
  • Bad vertical alignment of alert icon beside “Account” in the sidebar
  • Couldn't redeem a license key if tech_email field was blank
  • Caught potential NPE when cached data is corrupted
  • Reference to missing function line in log.js
  • blockquote elements weren't formatting nicely in badge/event markups
  • Fee wasn't being suppressed in zero-cost events, immediately after saving updating
  • COMMISSIONER: having many section events could cause calendar to hang when navigating between months
  • BEAVERS: more clearly identified UK program elements
  • PATHFINDERS: “Movies, Music and More!” category counts were showing zero
  • PATHFINDERS: “Let's Take it Outside” listed no badges on Wall Chart, and Program Area Count wasn't tallying correctly
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