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Release 10.3 - Key Features

Year-in-Program Support

You can now define a “year-in-program” value for each youth. For Beavers, this aligns with the long-established Brown/Blue/White tail model. For Cubs, this aligns with the new Runner/Tracker/Howler model. For other sections, this is just implemented as “1st year”, “2nd year”, etc.

All lists of youth (and there's a lot of them in ScoutsTracker, because it really is all about the youth!) now give you the ability group the youth either by year-in-program or by Patrol (a.k.a. Lair/Lodge/Team). This then helps you more easily plan your program (e.g., via “Troop Reports” | “Completion”) as you can now see all the youth at the same approximate age/progress in the same group. Similarly, if you need to send an email to just your senior Scouts, this is now trivial to do.

Despite sounding like a trivial change, this had a pretty big impact on the guts of the user interface, so if you notice anything that isn't behaving as expected, please let me know at

Canadian Path Changes

Added OAS awards for Emergency, Vertical and Scoutcraft Skills.

Added the new Pack progression nomenclature (i.e., Runner/Tracker/Howler), and deprecated the now-obsolete Pack roles of Sixer and Second. Any existing sixers/seconds had their “Other roles” field updated to show “6er”/“2nd” so you'll see NO difference when looking at your list of Cubs. Similarly, if you want to keep using the sixer designation even though it's no longer officially part of the SC Pack Program, you're able to use the Cubs' “Other roles” field to record this.

Added link to the new scouters-manual.pdf on the “Home” page

Also, fixed the following OAS-specific bugs:

  • A youth's OAS progress was not moving up with youth, if there was already a record for that youth in their new section
  • Auto-completion logic was incorrect for Camping Skills #4.12 and Camping Skills #6.19a
  • “In Bulk” edit of OAS badges tally requirements showed current tally as zero

Commissioner Edition Bug Fixes

  • Couldn't update/delete custom inventory items
  • Accepting a license wasn't automatically joining section with paying commissioner's account
  • An account paid for by a Council could opt out of the council account
  • Embedded calendar could show inappropriate labels for sections
  • Added the target section's name to the pushed event notification email
  • “Connect” button doesn't work when connecting to “always secure” accounts
  • “Connect via another login” suggested that other commissioner accounts were trial accounts
  • “Add to annual report” event property was visible
  • Council tech contact couldn't delete unneeded accounts
  • Council tech contact was getting emails to sections
  • Fixed typos in “New Group License” notification email
  • Group license renewal lookup was based on email, and not existing license

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Display location in “Important Date” events
  • Add “Next »” to header button instead of “« Event” when creating new event from calendar
  • Clicking/tapping on inventory/payment/tally fields will now pre-select the existing text
  • Add “3-month” and “6-month” purchase options
  • Select current input text when inventory inputs get focus
  • Simplify the process of adding a login (now can be done when editing a youth)
  • Increased number of guests to 99
  • Show *both* Attendance and Signups for events that have started, but aren't yet finished
  • Now show Scouter's email addresses in “Account” | “Logins” | “Welcome Messages” list
  • IMPORT: initialize year-in-program to “1” for imported youth when existing troop info (also, set role to tenderpad)

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Sending out Welcome Messages should use Login's email_delegate, if defined
  • Youth with the “Can Manage Schedule” permission couldn't import events
  • IMPORT: support beaver scouters-in-training in myscouts import
  • IMPORT: allow multiple youth to use the same SC Member number if the other youth is in a different section
  • Embedded calendar always defaults to calendar view, even if list view is enabled.
  • Suppress “undefined” contacts in embedded list-view schedules
  • Badge requirements with blank section headers prevented “related requirements” picker from opening
  • Tenderfeet/tenderpads weren't always being promoted to full members upon awarding of the appropriate badge
  • Saving a youth sometimes took you back to “Account”, rather than the list of youth
  • “Print as signup sheet” had an “include signup notes” option even for events without signup enabled
  • Apostrophe in patrol name not handled well when patrol names are re-edited
  • “Who's working on what” report has minor formatting issues
  • <strong>; elements in creole-formatted lists weren't using font-weight 400

Patch 10.1e


  • Added self-serve Council reports for GTC, NLC and Chinook
  • Uninitialized licensed accounts now FORCE user to set the Troop Details
  • Improved error message when trying to link to a “secret” facebook group
  • Added link to scouters-manual-pt2.pdf
  • COMMISSIONERS: Show expired accounts in your Area/License as such, even if they haven't redeemed your key
  • COMMISSIONERS: Allow tech_contact to send one-off emails to admins of expired and pending accounts

Bug Fixes

  • PACK: Ready-to-Award report would hang
  • Personal account Troop Details button wasn't saying “Upgrade to Troop Account”
  • Section in Council with with “master” login couldn't change their Council and Area, even if was missing
  • iOS: potential work-around for document sequencing error
  • Use compression to avoid the “out of memory” error
  • COMMISSIONERS: couldn't set role of Key People to “Other”
  • COMMISSIONERS: grouping sections by Label (e.g., Area) wasn't showhing the sections' level (e.g., Cubs)
  • On connect, the current scout droplist was showing the first youth in the list, rather than the current youth
  • The narrow screen youth picker wasn't being initialized with any youth

Patch 10.1f

Bug Fixes

  • Couldn't save changes to “BCC” vs “TO” in “other contacts” if you made no other changes to the youth's details
  • Migration messages were coming from instead of

Patch 10.1g

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Updated EULA to include the ability to grant admin permissions to another user

Bug Fixes

  • Parent logins were showing it as accessing lots of “undefined” youth AFTER changing another login“
  • COMMISSIONERS: Sections that haven't accepted an invite are showing up the mail “Quick Pick”, but aren't selectable
  • COMMISSIONERS: Clicking on an Area header in the mail “quick Pick” would basically hang
  • Symbolic framework maps and scouters manuals don't load in /mobile
  • Sometimes it would appear as if all your events had disappeared
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