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Release 10.5 - Key Features

Weekly Worksheets

The ability to generate printouts that you can take into meetings has been a popular request. So I have created a new group of reports called “Troop Reports” | “Weekly Worksheets / Print-Outs”. These include four new reports:

  1. Multi-Event Signup Worksheet. You can select a bunch of upcoming events, and ScoutsTracker will generate a checklist that youth/parents/scouters can mark up.
  2. Multi-Event Owing Worksheet. You can select a bunch of events that have amounts owing, and ScoutsTracker will generate a per-youth break down, so you can show youth/parents what they owe, and why.
  3. Single Event Related Requirements sheet. This is basically a blank table like you see when you click “Give Credit”, but lets you easily check off who demonstrated what requirement, as you're doing the activity.
  4. Single Event Signup Sheet. This is fundamentally the same as the existing print-out that you can generate when you are updating the youth/scouter signups for a particular event, but included in this group for convenience. You can optionally show/hide the Owing column depending on whether you are going to use this report for general circulation, or just keep it for your Scouters to see.

Additionally, the existing Ready-to-Demonstrate and Ready-to-Award reports have been moved to this Weekly Worksheets report group.

Additionally, most reports (e.g., attendance, signup, owing) have been modified so that rather than having a Youth report and a Scouter report that are selectable by a toggle switch at the top of the page, the Scouters are listed below the youth on a single report.

Finally, there's a new “Unfinalized Events” report that simply lists all the report that have not yet been finalized.

Event Handling (e.g., Signup) Changes

Based on feedback from many sources, there have been lots of minor tweaks:

  • Recording attendance is now enabled one hour prior to meeting start
  • ALL events now need to be finalized, regardless of whether they have Related Requirements. This is to address the issue that many Scouters were forgetting to record attendance. To help with this, there is now a new report called “Unfinalized Events”
  • Signup information, which used to be hidden once the event was past, is now shown until the event is finalized.
  • The “Manage” button used to update the signup/payment/attendance is now hidden once an event is finalized. But you can still update the signup/payment/attendance by editing the event, or re-unfinalizing the event.
  • Youth and Scouters are now shown on the same signup page
  • You now get a warning when you try to finalize an event with no participants.
  • You now get a warning when you try to modify the Signup after an event has started. This is to address the issue where some scouters were recording the attendance in the signup fields, and then complaining that the attendance data (which had never been recorded) had disappeared
  • Slightly cleaner layout of the Signup and Attendance details for an event

I changed the terminology of “Limited” visibility events to “Personal” events. I.e., the event that relates to a single youth is indeed a personal event (rather than a troop event), and the fact that it's visibility is limited is naturally true, but it's actually a side-effect of the event being personal to a selected number of youth.

Also, upon finalizing an event, ScoutsTracker now checks for Related Requirements that were never awarded and prompts you to see if you want to cull them from the list of related requirements. I.e., if you never actually got around to addressing a particular requirement in the meeting, you may want it removed from the record of what you did in the meeting.

And there were a couple of bugs fixed, too

  • Print-out signup list did not support “# Guests” column
  • Scouter-only events unnecessarily showed an (empty) section for Youth signup
  • Start/end time fields were visible even if “all day event” was checked

Canadian Path Changes

Added Sailing Skills OAS. I also introduced a new “Show Details” link that is intended to address the fact that the OAS Competencies are basically useless for the youth to plan a Program around. In the “Requirements” section of the OAS, there's typically much more meat with respect to what the youth need to demonstrate, that simply isn't offered in the Competencies. So now you can optionally turn on the “Requirements” text for the “Competencies” so the youth will have a clue what is actually expected of them.

The Pack “Sixers' Council” label was renamed to “Howlers' Council”, and the Troop “Court of Honour” was renamed to “Troop Leadership Meeting”

Email Changes

  • Prevent emails from going out (without a warning) that have no parents. There were a number of complaints “my parents never received the email” when in fact the parents had never been added as recipients.
  • RocketMail and YMail added to DMARC domain list. More and more mail service providers are tightening their regulations on proxy services like ScoutsTracker (i.e., that allow you to send out an email as “” when in fact the email is coming from
  • Omit any email with “none” in the address (e.g., “”), as registrars typically used this bogus email address when recording paper registrations in MyScouts
  • Pre-sending, ScoutsTracker reminds you / reports if some of the selected recipients aren't deliverable (e.g., because it's a bad email address, or the recipient opted out, or reported your emails as spam).
  • Attempting to add attachments to emails (or events) on iPad/iPhone now results in a “this won't work” message

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • LightBox can now be closed by pressing the ESC
  • Reduce the circumstances in which you get a warning popup when pasting into a textareas

Additionally, I now capture metrics on youth progress through the Program for use by Councils/Areas that want a summary overview of how the youth in their domain are faring. This information is of course captured in the database, but it's only the code in the browser that actually calculates the numbers… i.e., the database only holds the individual requirement completion and doesn't provide any information on how the completion of one requirement impacts the percent-completion of a all the upstream badges and awards.

Creating Accounts Licensing

  • Attempting to redeem an invalid license key wasn't resulting in a useful error message
  • Signing into account, then logging out, then immediately trying to create an account showed too many editable fields

Bug Fixes

  • COMMISSIONER: event view was showing out-of-date section name for sections that had collaborated with sections before inviting them and then subsequently been renamed
  • COMMISSIONERS: list of sections in Sign Up list wasn't showing the section level when the list was organized “By Grouping Label”
  • GUIDES: Scouting Program Areas were showing up as editible event fields
  • GUIDES: couldn't add Computer Skills #1 as an event's related requirement
  • Use of strong text in formatted text areas wasn't looking bold
  • Nested block elements within &lt;p&gt; elements was causing some inconsistent spacing
  • Some OAS badge levels showing as being customized when they actually weren't
  • ADMIN: write script to correct login roles (parent/youth logins with access.youth_id ⇐ 0)
  • ADMIN: account creation notification emails of personal accounts were not reporting name(s) correctly
  • ADMIN: account creation notification emails of accounts with subgroups were listing subgroups twice

Patch (2016-02-03)

  • Ready-to-Award report wasn't showing OAS (since they aren't available to be awarded)
  • “Give Credit” button was showing up for Scouter-Only events
  • A race-condition could result in “Give Credit” updates not being associated with the event
  • Recorded youth signup notes weren't showing up in the textarea when managing the attendance/signup/payment

Patch (2016-02-09)

  • Only prompt for “remove used related requirements” for events added after Feb 5th
  • Rejects not showing on quick pick (Mandrill is not returning entire list)
  • EmailBlacklist unsub is a global setting, but OptInPermission is a local
  • Schedule could hang on “Fetching Events” (due to an array length overrun in sortOutingsByDate)

Patch (2016-02-12)

  • No hover-effect over Scouter's names in most reports
  • Count of attending Cubs was including Scouters when actively editing an event, and # of guests was double-counted
  • Eliminated redundant code due to youth/leader consolidation
  • Better formatted message upon starting after having been off-line

Patch (2016-02-17)

  • Couldn't drill down on on cross-section events with certain related requirements
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