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Release 13.2 - Key Features

Home Accounts and Mirrored Events

It is very common in a youth-led Scouting program to have youth members acting in Scouter-in-Training or Activity Leader roles in younger sections, e.g., the Scout who is volunteering as Kim in the Cub Pack.

It is also very common that a youth is temporarily a member of two sections, e.g., a white-tail who has linked up to Cubs may be simultaneously participating in Colony and Pack events during April, May and June until the final swim-up.

It is also possible that a youth is permananently a member of two sections, e.g., both a MedVent and a regular Venturer.

Consequently a youth's experience has to be able span multiple ScoutsTracker accounts. And, it's also important that the youth be given credit for their participation in both sections' events.

To this end, there is now a means by which you can link a youth who is part of a secondary account (where they are either a Scouter (e.g., SIT/AL) or a youth member) with their primary progress-tracking account (a.k.a., their “Home” account). Then, whenever the youth/Scouter participates in an event in their secondary account(s), a personal copy of the event will be automatically created in their Home account. When this happens, an email is sent to the contact scouter in the Home account informing them of the new personal event, and reminding them that they'll need to possibly click “Give Credit” to make sure that the youth's OAS or top-section awards are appropriately updated.

E.g., Scout Tyler is “Kim” in the Cub Pack, and as such is a member of both accounts. Tyler (as Kim) then helps out with at the 2-day “Area Cuboree” event. When Akela marks Kim as having attended the cuboree, a 2-day “Area Cuboree” event is created in the Troop account that is personal to Tyler. When a Troop Scouter (or the Troop leadership team) subsequently gives credit for this personal event, Tyler's Camping Skills OAS tallies will be incremented by two nights of camping. Additionally, the Troop Scouter may chose to amend the event and also say that it represents 12 hours of community service, and thus could contribute to Tyler's Chief Scout's Award.

If there happen to be multiple Scouts from the same Troop who are helping out with the Pack as AL's, then both will be listed as participants in the personal copy of the event that is automatically created, so the Troop Scouter only has to Give Credit once.

Specifying a Home account happens automatically when you use ScoutsTracker to move/link up a youth to the next section. But you can also specify a Home account manually. Each youth member now has a “ScoutsTracker ID” that you can see (and copy) when you edit their details. All youth members and Scouters now have a “Home Account” item where you can paste the ScoutsTracker ID from their primary account. So a Troop Scouter can look up Scout Tyler's ScoutsTracker ID, and give it to Akela, who can enter it under Kim's details.

Home accounts cascade, so that a copy of an event can be created in multiple accounts. E.g., if Kim's Home account is actually Scout Tyler's Troop (set up manually as described above), but then Tyler links up to Venturers, Tyler's new Home account automatically becomes the Company account. Thus when Kim helps out with a Pack's “Shoreline Cleanup” event, there will be a personal event created in BOTH the Troop and Company accounts. This cascading is automatic, and requires no further involvement of the Troop or Pack Scouters.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Add a “Close” button to the RSVP Landing Page
  • Fine-tuned the conversion of HTML message bodies to plain-text
  • Do a refresh (like “Reload from Server”) up on a launching error

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inconsistent use of simple/complex quick pick interface for events with signup enabled (i.e., simple until first youth signed up)
  • RSVP: depending on the formatting, the RSVP mail merge could replace too much of your message
  • Changing signup notes from null to empty string could trigger double notifaction emails
  • Troop News presentation wasn't updating immediately after saving changes
  • Calendar: multi-day events are now sorted on subsequent days according to their starting event
  • Commissioners: Empty “Quick Links” was visible on Home page if you weren't signed in
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