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Release 16.3 - Key Features

Signup/Attendance Management

  • Moved the signup/attendance “Manage” button over to the event's action menu
  • Enable “Sign Me Up!” button for Scouters that bypasses the need to click “Manage”, if they are just updating their own signup
  • A bunch of little tweaks to the to the individual's signup page

Viewing Inactive Youth

  • Youth “Show inactive youth?” now replaced by a link to a page that lists them, grouped by year of last activity
  • Search now includes inactive members

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Enable “Home account” for youth “Other participants”
  • SS-2219: Add a Save/Cancel interface to Patrol & Adventure Team management
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-2219: No ability to manage the Grouping Labels
  • Strip source-less images out of notes before displaying them
  • A quick fix option for the “Loading page”
  • SS-2733: Filter ResizeObserver in onerror
  • Suppress browser-generated ResizeObserver messages from showing up in the logs
  • Added small count of selected items in “Show other schedules”

Bug Fixes

  • SS-2718: EmbedServlet was throwing an error because of a SQL error
  • FIREFOX: SS-2721: Long list of attachments (e.g., as seen in Troop News) wasn't wrapping
  • Customized table background colour wasn't showing in Troop News
  • Fixed some minor formatting issues in Signup Page / Worksheet
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-2723: Pushing an event to a large number of sections, gave a red-herring error message
  • Queued debug logs were causing scrubOtherDatabases to complain that other sections' actually had queued updates
  • Re-work push mechanism, so it doesn't time out (sorta like ajaxBulkYouthUpdate?), or maybe a fire-and-forget with a note about resyncing to see status change?)
  • If you tried to reconnect but had last used as login ID that had since been deleted, you couldn't reconnect, and couldn't sign out
  • Consent forms were being asked for on the individual's signup page, even if the Risk Category didn't require them
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-2740: When you had multiple other schedules shown, some sections' subscription to a source event weren't being displayed
  • SS-2746: Updated multiple Youth was briefly broken
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