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Release 17.1 - Key Features

UN's Sustainability goals / Projects

ScoutsTracker now supports the Sustainability badges, and a new concept called “Projects”.

At the core of the Sustainability badges is the idea of “projects”.  Each tier requires that the youth complete a number of projects related to a Sustainability badge's related SDG's.

So what is a project?  Conceptually it's something that the youth will organize, that relates to one or more of the SDG's.  And the way I've implemented projects in ScoutsTracker is to allow sections to create a list of tasks–presumably following the Plan-Do-Review model!–that the section can then complete over a number of meetings and/or events.

In a lot of ways, a project will feel very similar to a badge… i.e., you can mark the tasks as complete in the same way as you can mark badge requirements as complete.  And when all the tasks have been completed, then the project is deemed to be complete and it'll automatically update the progress towards your Sustainability badges.  You can also add specific tasks from your project to an event's “Related Requirements”, and when you Give Credit after the event, the project tasks will be updated, just as badge requirements will be updated.

There is a new interface that lets a section create their own projects, along with a name, description, and ways to organize the tasks into meaningful and self-explanatory groups (e.g., Plan-Do-Review).  Projects move up with the youth, as a record of a youth's projects completed in younger sections will be required to assess whether the Sustainability badges are still complete in their current section.   Projects can be duplicated, if a section decides to use an existing project as the basis for creating a new project.  And of course, projects are searchable, and will show up in the Search results if there's a match in the name, description or any of the task descriptions.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Removed code reference to now-obsolete googleplus, on the info websit
  • Updated legacy endpoint in servlet.js
  • Added login ID to recorded Session Details
  • COVID: Replaced NL & Labrador's screening PDF with an updated version
  • Suppress PIN challenge when resetting your password
  • Eliminated a redundant server call
  • Suppress “Show on Uniform” action menu item for non-awardable badges (incl. projects)
  • Exclude non-awardable badges (incl. projects) “Ready-to-award”
  • Added tip when your account has no admin contacts
  • Added tip when your account has a “hello” website, but no “general inquiry” contacts
  • Updated COVID screening assessment forms
  • Reduced size of sign-up notes in printed attendance sheet

Bug Fixes

  • Targeted Fundraiser “badge” wasn't showing tally when you clicked on the requirement
  • SS-3569: Targeted Fundraiser “badge” couldn't be updated in bulk
  • SS-3571: Couldn't manually add new youth member to roster
  • Attempt to accept/reject Area/Council invitations was generating an exception
  • SS-3601: AAF: Could sometimes get stuck in an (seamingly) endless loop when viewing an event, and then wanting to edit its AAF
  • SS-3603: AAF: could randomly get a “you have no SC Member #” message if there was a former scouter record using the same login that didn't have a member #
  • SS-3624: HELLO: The “upcoming” tab wasn't showing anything
  • SS-3632: Wrong breadcrumbs in tip about setting up a Troop email address
  • AAF: Tweaked wording of Social Distancing text to conform with what is on
  • AAF: SS-3625: AAF could show internal ID for “member-in-charge”
  • SS-3647: Work-around a null image replacement
  • SS-3646: Couldn't pick two-scouter recipients when creating Youth
  • You were getting prompted to navigate away from unsaved member changes when clicking on “two-scouter contacts”
  • SS-3649: When manually adding new members with login email addresses, the initial contact details (phone/address) were being ignored
  • SS-3649: Couldn't edit Attendance/Contact notes when the member was marked up as attending, but not signed up
  • SS-3649: Merging scouters was assigning an 'unknown' status, so the merged record wasn't being downloaded on the next fetch
  • Avoid startup exception
  • SS-3580: Merged progress completion records could appear incorrect
  • SS-3602: Fixed a bad SQL exception when updating invitations
  • SS-3641: Could get a red-herring “Could not deliver the message some of your recipients” message under very specific circumstances
  • Work-around an exception that results when a user pastes the entire message body into one of the TO/CC/BCC lines
  • Fixed the notes of some Progression badges which where showing some HTML tags
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