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Release 17.3 - Key Features

Validating HTML

The HTML code underwent a significant cleanup to make sure it validates against W3C standards. While all browsers have supported the non-validating code (e.g., custom attributes that don't start with “data-”), it a desirable goal to have the code validate as much as is possible so validation can be used as a means of detecting potential typos in the markup.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Don't show signup deadlines for other schedules
  • Offer “/committee” as an alternative to “/commissioner”
  • Major clean up non-validating (but accepted) HTML
  • INFO: Clean up obsolete references to /mobile
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-3811: Made the usage report be incrementally processed
  • Added “filter by” to both “Ready to Demonstrate” and “Ready to Award” reports
  • EMAIL: Outing contacts are always added to any new event email
  • EMAIL: SS-3600: You can now forward emails (rather than just reply) which preserves attachments
  • EMAIL: SS-3720: All email-related operations consolidated into an “Actions” menu
  • Better handling of falsy values in AAF tour permits
  • Add filtering to “Ready-to-Demonstrate” and “Ready-to-Award” reports
  • Add specific “ScoutsTracker Security PIN” as a username so when the browser offers to remember your password, it doesn't conflict with your actual login email
  • Removed redundant/unnecessary “Sign Me Up!” button when editing an event
  • Proposed new wording for MAAF checkbox (for participation limits) that has now been adopted by SC
  • Cleaned up confusing/misleading message vocabulary in “Account” | “Access granted by logins”
  • Swapped the definition of “Next” and “Prev” when scrolling through emails (now based on date, rather than order in the list)
  • Slightly better message when you try to import a membership listing for a different section
  • CONSENT: Added a footnote to the youth/parents event view reminding them if they still need to complete a consent form for an event
  • CONSENT: Myriad of little usability fixes when youth/parents submit/revoke consent
  • Hide the “Reports” page for parent/youth logins, since they're not allowed see any of the reports
  • Replaced some use of <div> and <span> elements with symantic elements (<mark>, <aside>)
  • MERGE: SS-3852: Never preselect a “display name” that contains “needs merge”

Bug Fixes

  • SS-3792: Error on startup
  • Pre-connection, the permissions were being serialized as a string, rather than a map
  • SS-3799: Typo in seasonal challengs text
  • Couldn't update some preferences, “Only on the Canadian Path” wasn't working
  • when operating with multiple load-balanced servers, the creation of a new account could prevent connecting to the commissioner account unless the cache manager was manually cleared (or the server restarted)
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-3811: Running the usage report on the large Council accounts could crash the server
  • Fixed a table column misalignment in “Reports” | “Multi-Event Owing”
  • NEWSFEED: Daily snapshots could show NaN for the number of people reached
  • EMAIL: SS-3789: When adding parents to an email with sign up, get a red-herring error message about “unknown” youth having no parent contact info
  • EMAIL: SS-3790: “Add parents” was adding everyone
  • Copy Session Details wasn't working from the “loading…” screen
  • When updating a youth, the check for duplicate names was taking the role into consideration
  • Changing the Cc'd scouters wasn't having an effect when sending a welcome message from edit-login or creating new Scouters/Youth
  • List of attachments in unexpanded details group in edit-event wasn't immediately updating when you added/deleted an attachment
  • SS-3841: When a non all-day event's signup is disabled, in the hour before the event starts, the “Manage Attendance” button was taking to you the Options page rather than the attendance page
  • “Prepaid dues” was displaying as false, even if it had been set
  • “Home” | “Other” | “All requirements” contained some duplicate rows
  • TROOP: SS-3831: World Scout Environment Award was missing from Inventory
  • Couldn't change “Account” | “Advanced” | “Only working on the Canadian Path”
  • SS-3846: Great 8 badge images missing from Personal Record Sheet
  • SS-3853: Work-around for a font problem due to recent GMail update
  • SS-3851: Swapping login sessions by editing the URL to a different edition was resulting in the wrong edition's PAB's being displayed
  • Little count indicator showing number of currently-held Special Awards wasn't being displayed

Patch (2021-11-25)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • “Remember login” handled as a “permanent” property
  • Better ES6 redirect location (compatible with RSVP responses)
  • Tweaked wording of notification opt-in, and also of the message seen when trying to add an opted-out member to the signup notification recipient list
  • SS-3898: Added extra info about not receiving AAF approval notifications if you've opted out of receiving notifications

Bug Fixes

  • SS-3860: v17.3 changes broke /hello websites
  • SS-3867: Inline notes in could prevent an event from being saved
  • Attachments with an extension of .jpeg were being ignored
  • When adding an event crest with no other event modifications, it falsely appeared as if the crest crest hadn't actually been uploaded
  • SS-3861 (and others): Couldn't compose emails when ALWAYS_BCC was set
  • SS-3701: Badge images weren't showing on the “Ready to Award” report
  • SS-3871: Event attendance report was showing the “Include NO and Ineligible” option which was irrelevant for events with no signup
  • SS-3874: Couldn't uncheck Attendance or COVID Screened column
  • v17.3 changes broke ability to press Enter in Security PIN input field
  • v17.3 changes broke images/link in Sustainability badges
  • v17.3 changes broke position of sign-in sidebar on main information website (/sc/info)
  • SS-3888: v17.3 changes broke ability to select an event's Program Areas
  • SS-3876: COMMITTEE: Missing “Connect” button beside section names
  • SS-3884: Editing Collaboration was incorrectly saying “You need to pick a colour”
  • SS-3883: Couldn't manually accept/decline an invitation
  • SS-3889: When there were no specific contacts defined as contacts for an event, then it was defaulting to the logins with the “is an default event contact” property, but that list wasn't being filter for just active members
  • SS-3893: Could change own permissions
  • SS-3885: Events could show “???” for their description
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