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Release 3.1 - Key Features

You can now drill down to “Account” | “Advanced” | “Customize Badges & Awards” to tweak the completion logic associated with any requirement.

If the requirement you are modifying has subrequirements, then you can optionally specify that the subrequirements are exposed as completable items. Youth and leaders can then bookmark or mark as complete the individual subrequirements, instead of only being able to work with the parent requirement. The logic of the parent requirement is respected (e.g., the Cub Reader Badge #1 requirement is automatically marked as complete when any 2 or more of #1a, #1b, #1c are complete, whereas Chief Scout Award #6 requires that ALL of #6a, #6b, #6c be complete.)

Additionally, for any requirement (including exposed subrequirements), you can also specify that the requirement ALWAYS complete. This is useful for badge requirements that you know are adequately taught within the local school system.

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