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Release 3.3 - Key Features

Data Import

  • Reads your CubSys and ScoutSys records

Record Sheets

  • Printable/Shareable record sheets
  • Entire section-wide summary record sheet (for hard-copy backup purposes)


  • New troop/pack event rollup report
  • Re-organized Events to better distinguish between Meetings and Outings (camps, hikes, etc.)
  • Added date (ranges) to items in event lists
  • Future events are no longer included in the youths' rollups
  • Future events now visible to youth/parents even if they are not identified as participants
  • Warning dialog when you try to navigate away from an unsaved event edit
  • Better clarity between the youth's view, and the entire troop's/pack's view of the records
  • Show when you are in off-line, and let you toggle in/out of it
  • Scroll position is now persisted per page
  • When hovering over check marks in badge details, a tooltip tells which leader marked it as complete (and when)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inability to change event dates
  • Fixed status updating in subrequirements that have auto-completion
  • Fixed bug associated with having to refresh after importing large numbers of records
  • Fixed disabled appearance of disabled floaty items
  • Fixed two issues associated with the calculation of req completion
  • Check consistency of badge metadata and refetch if missing data
  • Paste didn't work in IE & Chrome/Safari
  • Fixed a variety of cub badge requirements
  • Recurring off-line bug

Device Testing

  • Desktop browsers: Firefox, IE8, IE9, Chrome, Safari
  • Apple mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (3rd generation and higher)
  • RIM devices: Blackberry Torch, Playbook
  • Android devices: Samsung Galaxy tablet
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