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Release 3.6 - Key Features

Super-Convenient Tabular Data Entry

  • When first entering your section's records, it used to be a bit of slog entering all the records. But now when you look at a “Completion” report, you have an “Edit” button that lets you easily mark as complete multiple requirements for multiyouth (i.e., in bulk).
  • Similarly, when you look at the details for a particular badge or award, you have an “In bulk” button that lets you update lots of youth, quickly
  • After drilling down on an event's “Related Badges”, the “In Bulk” button grants you the option to filter the tabular data to only show those youth who participated in the event, making the updating of records after a camp much easier.

"My Path" Report

  • Scouts and Venturers now have a “My Path” report that shows the remaining steps towards the CSA or Queen's Venturer Award.
  • Initially new Scouts/Venturers will find this is a huge list, but after a couple of years working through the leader-provided program, the list will become more and more manageable so that the youth who are close to completion can quickly see what they need to focus on.

PL/APL 6er/2nd

  • You can specify specific Scouts or Cubs as PL/APL or 6er/2nd, which then shows up beside the youths' names in most listings


  • More printer-friendly formatting on several reports
  • Better scaling on wide reports (e.g., “Completion” Reports)

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • The Terms of Service (TOS) are presented to you to accept/decline the first time you use the app on a particular computer/browser.
  • The TOS references the privacy policy that governs how the data you enter will be shared (or not), which is especially important given that we are dealing with children's data. Basically, I won't rent, sell, or share any of the data
  • Discussions of the implications of the privacy policy are included in the release notes email that will go out to all existing users (it's too long for a LinkedIn discussion!)
  • The terms and the privacy policy are likely to evolve as time goes by, as I want to align with Scouts Canada's, which undoubtedly will be obliged to at least conform to PIPEDA.

Bugs Fixes

  • Implicitly switch to on-line after successful sign-in
  • Changing youth from sidebar while looking at badge resulted in unexpected 'Back' navigation
  • Bookmarking/ready-to-test was broken in last release
  • Publish could fail for large troops/packs
  • PACK: Emergency Preparedness badge missing from Inventory and Other Awards list
  • Modal “lightbox” could be hidden by page transition
  • Could try to create a group account while off-line
  • Non-badgemaster logins were being created as youth/parent logins instead of leaders
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