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Release 3.8 - Key Features

Improved Program planning support

Specifically, Events (meetings, camps, etc.) are now linked to specific badge requirements. This means the troop/pack at-a-glance reports not only show what each youth has completed, but also what they WILL have completed (provided they show up to the events, of course!).

This makes it much easier to plan better Program by ensuring that the scheduled meetings and outings will cover off as much of the Program for as many of the youth as possible.

When looking at the individual badges' details, youth and Leaders can now also see which requirements will be covered off in upcoming events.


A new page / report has been added that shows the details of all the upcoming events. This gives parents and youth (and leaders, too!) a “one-stop” way to check what's next on the calendar.

To increase the usefulness of the schedule, a “Location” field has been added to the event details.

Change completed date for completed requirements and awarded badges

Previously, the completed / awarded date for a requirement or badge was set to the date the leader marked it as such. However, many of you wanted to be able to make the records more historically accurate by reporting that badges were awarded when they were handed to the youth. So, you can now change the completed/awarded dates!

Specify a youth's entry date

We now track the date each youth joined your section. Currently this most useful for filtering out the events that occurred before the youth joined.

Bug Fixes

  • Worked around a nasty rendering bug that was introduced into the latest release of Chrome
  • Ready-to-Test and Bookmarked requirements were showing invalid information in the tooltip
  • TROOP: fixed a bug in which count of the number of Challenge badges earned in each category was zero, even though drilling down revealed that the youth may have had completed some.

Patch 3.8.1 (2011-09-20)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • TROOP: support Sea Scouts terminology and epaulets. Contact me if you are a Sea Scout troop!
  • Tweaked the interface for creating new patrols/sixes in response to users' support calls

Bug Fixes

  • Uninformative blank schedule when no scheduled events replaced with text and button
  • Parents/youth could create events from the toolbar
  • Edit an event, click on the date, and you get today's date, not the specified date
  • The “Completion Date” field is still showing in a “Completion Report” after cancelling out of a “In Bulk” edit
  • When signing in as a parent with no youth linked to the login, there was no explanation to the user why their sign in failed
  • Floaty didn't dismiss when you switched youth via sidebar
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