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Release 6.2 - Key Features

Email Support

The “Welcome” emails that you can send to your youth/parents/leaders can now come from YOUR address, rather than “”. You'll note that when you are editing/creating a Login, in the Welcome Message section you'll initially see a “You are not able to send emails” message with an “Authorize” button. Clicking that button will cause a verification email to be sent to your email address, that contains a link that you can click to show that you are indeed the real person you say you are.

Thereafter, any emails you send out will come from you. This means that your youth/parents/leaders can click the “reply” button in their email program to respond and ask you questions. Currently, a surprising number of people try to reply to the message that comes from “no-reply”.

If you choose not to authorize your email address, then it will still default to “”

Outlook/iCal/Google Calendar Integration

When looking at the calendar of your events, you'll notice a button in the bottom that lets you add your ScoutsTracker events to your favourite calendar app (e.g., Outlook or Google Calendar, or most other modern programs).

When you view an event in your calendar program, you'll just see the event summary, location and description. But there is also a link to the original event in ScoutsTracker, so if you want to see the leaders' notes, or the related badge requirements, you can effortlessly do so.

Usability enhancements

These items are generally in response to support queries from you.

  • Optionally hide previous years' meetings
  • Optionally hide inactive scouts/leaders/logins from the Accounts pages
  • Added a new/old toggle on badge inventory page
  • Easier access to changing your own password for leaders

Bug Fixes

  • Couldn't import an event key via “Section Events” | “Import”
  • Inventory was missing old-uniform woggle
  • SEA SCOUTS: some labels were too long
  • Shared badges no longer show partially completed status for reqs dependent on customized completion logic
  • APPLE: no select/copy on Apple mobile devices
  • APPLE: double “Troop Files” on small mobile devices
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