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Release 6.6 - Key Features

Multiple Logins per Email

Yes, it's finally possible! If you are both a parent and a leader you can use the same email/password to sign in with either role, or if you're a leader or commissioner who helps out with both your “A” and “B” pack, you can now sign in to either pack.

If you have multiple logins, after you sign in you'll be prompted to pick which login you want to use. And you can subsequently switch between your logins, by going to “Account”.

Leader Event Signup

Due to popular demand, leaders can now sign up for events. The only difference between leader and youth signup is that leaders have to indicate their intention by editing the event, whereas the youth have a convenient “My Signups” report that lets them access any of the events that require signing up.

Also, for any upcoming event that has a signup with a deadline, an implicit “Important Date” event shows up in your calendar. This now gives a visual clue to help youth and parents who may not realize a deadline is approaching.

Custom Payments/Deposits

You can now record partial- or over-payments towards events… e.g., if a cub only brings in $0.50 of his $1 dues, or if you can't make change for Mom's $20 bill when she pays for a $15 event.

For convenience, there's also now an “All” button at the top of the payment column that lets you instantly mark all youth as paid, and then tweak the exceptions.

Wall Chart Improvements

The wall chart has now been flipped, so that the youth are along the columns and the badges are in the rows.

This now makes it possible to print the report, which previously wasn't really possible because no browser does a good job of printing really wide tables.

Quick Reference Guide

Under the Support tab of the website, there is now a first cut at a quick reference guide. The intent is to have something that will let new users get up to speed more quickly, rather than a detailed tome that addresses the finer aspects of one particular parameter or the other.

Bug Fixes

  • Possible hang after updating youth deposits
  • Couldn't edit leader logins after editing youth login and navigating via the sidebar “Account” link
  • Attendance auto-initialization from signup wasn't reflecting implicit YES due to payment
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